Honk kng trip

May 21, 2009
By Olav Underdal BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Olav Underdal BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Beep!Beep!Beep! I woke up startled from the shrieking of the ring the alarm clock.I was really excited for my final day in Hong Kong. Me and my mom and I went out into the street to get a taxi .We got into the red taxi with coffee stained seats and it took off at full speed weaving through the normal Hong Kong morning traffic. Then the taxi lurched to a stop . We got on this dirty green fairy to take us to the island where there was a huge mountain we would be going up.

As the fairy started to move forward I looked down at the greenish water with bottles and wrappers in it .That was the one bad thing about Hong Kong. The pollution. The hazy fog started to clear to revile a tall mountain. Seconds later the boat bumped on the dock. We got out right away happy to be out of that trash laden water. Moments later a huge red double decker bus .I raced to the top of the bus to get a seat on the upper deck. Then the bud suddenly started to move forward before i was Evan in my seat! What a careless driver ! Then shockingly we did a round turn and the bus was just on edge of a cliff. It was a extremely narrow road. The bus continued to climb up the mountain gaining altitude then my ears started to pop. Then 10 minutes later the bus stopped. Surprisingly there was a mall ! And there was a high tower with a observation deck on top of it. First we went to the buffet in the mall to grab a quick bite to eat. Then we went to the observation deck. We climbed and climbed!Then finally we were up there! My stomach suddenly turned upside down realizing how high I was. Then i got out my Sony digital camera and started snapping shots of the city. It was spectacular .then we had to go it was already 3 o clock and we had to catch our early morning flight to Beijing.Then we realized we could also take the mountain tram down. so we got on the red tram .then it lurched forward we were moving down at like a 45 degree angle .

driving straight down the mountain. Then 2 minutes later we screeched to a

stop. We took the same ferry and right when we hit land our Hong Kong trip

ended . I had a feeling our trip in china was going to be a good one.

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