Living Those Wildwood Days

November 24, 2008
By Anonymous

My legs felt like there were millions of needles going into me when I stepped out of our car. The trip down was about 6 hours long and we had finally arrived to our destination. It was about 12 in the morning and I was so tired that I could barley keep my eyelids open. I rushed to the hotel room, put on my pajamas, and brushed my teeth. I went to bed that night not even giving any thought where I was. All I could remember was that once my head hit the pillow, I was gone.

I woke up that morning forgetting where I was. I tried to think back to what had had happened last night, but nothing came into my mind. All I knew was that I was in a hotel room in some exotic location. So I rushed out to the shaded balcony window. I cracked the glass doors open, the suns rays creep through. It was so bright that it blinded me. When my eyes adjusted, I pushed the door wide open and took a step out onto the balcony. That step, changed my life. The warm breeze felt so good against my skin and it carried my hair blowing it lightly back, the smell of ocean filled my lungs and I knew instantly where I was. My paradise, a place called Wildwood.

When I reached the railing, of the balcony, I gripped it hard to hold on to what I thought was a dream. I looked out in amazement. This brought back so many memories of the past, and I was finally going to re-live those days again like I did the summers before.

Our hotel room was about 10 levels up from the main lobby so you could see a lot from where I was standing. The palm trees swayed from the ocean breeze, and the oceans waters were a beautiful sky blue. I could see the boardwalk, and the owners of stores getting ready to start a new day. People taking early jogs on the beach, or bike riding on the bike paths. I could even smell the fresh cut fruits being laid out by the poolside for a buffet breakfast. My heart filled with joy because for the next full week, this was going to be my home, my life, my everything.

I grabbed my beach stuff and headed to the hot sand across the way. The sun was bright and the water temperature was just right. I loved the beach. It’s where you can be lazy all day and not get yelled at by your parents for it. It’s where you discover new things in the little tide pools, and can boogie board all the way into the shallow water. I think the beach is the best place where you can think and have some peace and quite away from everything left back at home. My favorite thing to do is look at all the people that are around me. I love to see how they act, what makes them unique from anyone else on the beach.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, it began to get hotter out. I needed to cool down. So I headed for the cool waters before me. As I reached the water I let my feet sink into the soft wet sand and let the currents push water ripples up to my toes. The nice cool water felt so good against my hot skin. The water felt like it was grabbing my legs gently and pulling me out deeper, so all I did was dive into the strong waves crashing on the waters below. I let the currents take as I became one with the sea.

As I floated in the waves, I looked down to see my reflection smiling back at me. As I looked down past my reflection, I could see the multicolored sand and seashells beneath my floating feet, the fish blowing tiny bubbles to the surface. The perfect green seaweed wrapping gently around my ankles wanting me to stay forever. I knew it would be too hard to leave this place again for another time.

The time did come though, where we had to rinse all the sand off our beach toys, and pack our suitcases because soon to come, we would spend our last minutes here in Wildwood, New Jersey. I never wanted to leave. This week had been the best one of the whole summer because it did feel like a dream come true to me.
It was about 9:45 at night when we were all set to go. As we started driving away from our hotel, I put my head to the glass to look up at the dark blue sky above. The sparkling fireworks were going off from the boardwalk in the distance. A silent tear streamed down my face as I watched my dream became a memory of the past, but I wiped my tears away as I remember that I had next year to come and live those Wildwood days.

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