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May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

It’s just another vacation to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The first time I went there was in 1999, I was about seven. What I like about it down there is all the restraints. But who does not go somewhere looking for good food. The city of Myrtle. Specializes in their buffet style foods, which most of the restraints have more then a hundred plus items to choose from. Mostly seafood and all fried a special way.
When you are there you have many of thing to do. One of the big ones is peer fishing. Starting early in then morning you are aloud on the peers for some of the best fishing in the whole state. But still my favorite is banana boating. Which is a long raft tied to a jet ski. That pulls you threw the ocean really fast. Which is really fun even when you fall off.

But there is also some people out there that don’t like the city life and people everywhere. That is what north myrtle is for. It is located near all the golf courses. When it is more the rich section but is still got the same feel of a small town. Even though this is a short summery of what myrtle is all about. I hop you read this and then go visit. I do recommend Myrtle Beach as your next vacation spot

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