anywhere i want to go

May 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Upon a cloud, floating and drifting high in the sky just lying here watching the world pass me by. Not a care in the world for me to think about, just going all around the world seeing anything…everything. No death. No pain, no loss just gain, lifting me higher and going as far and as fast as I feel. Up here there are no limits because the sky is endless. Counting stars holding them near. Up here there’s not a wish I could make because I have everything I need thank heavens sake.

Deep down under the sea with fish here sharks there…. water everywhere. I just swim in the sea like I walk on the shore. My fin is like slipping two feet into one big slipper. I’m not a fish, I’m not a women I’m a bit of both is what I am. I see things not a lot get to, I live in a place nobody thought was real. I also do things no one else can. For example I live in Atlantis, and one day I’m swimming in the arctics, playing and swimming with the polar bears, and the next I’m in the tropics chatting it up with the dolphins. Life under the sea is the life for me.

On top of the world, having been everywhere from upon a cloud to down under the sea, they are all places I love to be. On top of the world, so great a life. I go anywhere I want to go no matter how high, no matter how low, I go anywhere I want to go. Near or far I just reach for the stars and I’m there, holding one in my hand. I just go with no boundaries, I just go and keep going until I’ve seen the beauty of the world through my own eyes. It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I’m the one that goes anywhere I want to go, beholding the beauty of the world through the eyes of me, the beholder.

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