My lagoon trip

May 10, 2009
By Julen Totorica BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Julen Totorica BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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At five-o-clock in the morning I woke up excitedly. Today was the day my audition choir went to Utah for a contest. When I got to East jr. High that Friday everyone was so tired. I, on the other hand, was wide awake because I was used to waking up this early. With all of our stuff in a pile someone said a backpack was leaking. Guess what? It was mine. An entire water bottle was dumped all over the inside of my backpack. My books were crumpled and my DVD’s were wet.

When we got on the bus our teacher had us separate to girls in the back and boys in the front. On the trip we watched Grease because it was rated PG. I read most of my book even though the back cover was ripped of from water damage. Towards the middle of the trip I took a long nap.

We came to the giant mall at about noon. I loved it. I went to a chocolate shop and bought my mom a mold for mothers’ day. Lukas, Eric, and I ate at an exotic Hawaiian restaurant; I never knew that Hawaiians ate with chopsticks. Then right before we had to go I bought a 16 gig ipod touch!

At the end of Friday we went to a play called: American Fork Idol. I t was a funny spoof about American Idol and it served free bottomless popcorn. That night we slept at the Courtyard Marriott in Salt Lake City.

We ate at the hotel that day; I ate eggs, Bacon, and a large waffle. Then we went to a huge high school with statues and a campus as big as a college. We participated in two events and nailed both.

Finally it was the time we had all been waiting for. We were going to Lagoon, a huge theme park with tons of rides in Utah. We had time to fit in a few rides before the awards ceremony. East all together won 4 first places and mad Jazz alone won three of them. It was amazing.

After riding rides for hours it was time to get in the bus and go home. I arrived at home at three in the morning and still told my parents all about it.

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