April 28, 2009
By marc priester BRONZE, Fort Meade, Maryland
marc priester BRONZE, Fort Meade, Maryland
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Just another seemingly harmless day. It had to be around ten o’clock, yet t me and my dreary self it felt like the crack of dawn. My English teacher ranted on about the weird foods she consumes and other tedious subjects that did not interest me. My mind began to fade; slowly I entered a haven, my haven. I began to leave out the gates of reality, into the midst of imagination. I paid a visit, to a place of true happiness, where the restraints of activity are only captivated by ones imagination. My only vacation spot, the essence of my mind. Nirvana.

Upon entering this wonderland, all that was visible was a palace, vastly resembling the architecture of the Versailles in France. As I walked up the prestigious steps made of glistening marble, to its grand door, the orgasmic aroma of the wondrous flower bed, encoded with plants that gave off vibrant colors resembling the galaxies in the heavens, captured the essence of my senses. I opened the door, and it was almost as if I entered a new world, none like I can imagine. Nothing, it was nothing more than a while brane, a white world. It resembled the paleness of the universe before God blessed it with the Big Bang. Yet I felt as I had nothing to fear, as I was approached by a man who seemed to appear from nothingness.

His name was Stereoman, he bared long, Bob Marley dreadlocks and black shades that reflected the images of reality and blocked any eyes from contacting his own. He rose his arm, and in an instant, the white room became a library unlike any other before it. An unlimited amount of books came before me, yet these were not books. When I grasped clammy book, I opened and instead of words, I began to sound music. I soon realized that each book was any song I ever wished to uncompensated my ears with.
“What should I listened to I thought?” I thought, the angst-filled grunge of Nirvana, the screaming, religous influenced sounds of Avenged Sevenfold, or maybe even the linguistic flow of Eazy-E. Whatever I desire, this library will fulfill.

Stereoman vanished, and so did the library, but fear not, I was approached by another man. His name was Itachi Uchiha, black haired and Japanese with an “X”scar on his face wearing a black coat with red clouds on it.
“What do you desire?” he asks, I realize that he will lead me through the essence of my imagination of day dreaming. The white world soon turns into the scene of the story of a fallen superpower wanting to regain its former prestige. It changes again; this time into a bloody war, with body’s lying around me, as I view a revolution of an oppressed people against their Theocratic God-King. With Itachi, I can view any and all story’s I wish. It was almost as if I was wandering through a story book, an epic novel, but I am the author, illustrator and the publisher. In this realm, my imagination is the ink, and the white world is the tablet where I produce my epic tale.
Itachi fades, and so does his realm, and a “Sun-King” appears, it is King Louis XIV of France, riding towards me on a horse so pure white, the pale world I am in pales in comparison. At first he speaks French, I cannot understand. I ask him if he speaks English.
“I do now he replies”. We begin to debate the issues of the world. Unfortunately we are both pompous and proud of our intelligence, what can you expect from Kings such as us? We refuse to allow each other impose their beliefs on another. Our commanding voices frightfully fill the world with fear. He is my Opposite and ideal rival. Able to contradict my arguments, he pushes me to the limits of my knowledge, and frustration. We sternly discuss topics, from the economic depression to the war in the Middle East, and the even the state of Christianity as a whole. I have never been so blessed with such a chivalric enemy.

I am alone again, Louis XIV left in boiling hot frustration. But a final man appears, he is nothing I will ever understand. He glows with an extravagantly from head to toe, his eyes even gleam like the stars, his hair flows like a raging fire and he wears a long toga. We begin to converse, but not a debate, just pure philosophy. What is the meaning of my being? What is the universe exactly? Does God exist? Is this man before me God? His voice so deep, so commanding that even Louis XIV would shiver in his presence.
“You need no answers to these questions, for time will tell.” I smile and think to myself I have a date with Destiny, and she is more than a girl.
In a flash, I snap back to reality, my vacation ended in an instant. My teacher hands me a paper and begins to rant about how lazy and arrogant I am, little does she know, I’ve decided to that this world is unfit for a Knight like me. So with the welcomed arms of all the people I have just met in my world, I return to my Kingdom. Nirvana.

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dis is that good stuff

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