Hershey Park

April 21, 2009
By lexieeeeeeeex3 BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
lexieeeeeeeex3 BRONZE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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Your heart is racing as soon as you go through the gate, excited to see what is beyond that point. You walk in and you see the most spectacular rides that you probably have ever seen. Kettle corn is popping, cotton candy being spun, and lemonade being gently squeezed to perfection. Your eyes widen to excitement knowing that you’re finally here.

Running along to reach just one ride that you have to ride, the Fahrenheit. The new roller coaster of the year, along with the steepest roller coaster in the United States. You get in line and wait with hundred’s of people excited and horrified to ride this steep coaster under the blazing sun. Sweat slowly dripping off your face, dreading to go to the water park on a hot day. Then it’s time, the time where you reach next to ride in line. Your heart bounding out of your chest and into your throat. Then you’re off, up the steep hill and on with the rest of the ride with twists, and turns. Then it’s over and the adrenalin in your blood is going crazy wanting to go again.

You move on, next the Storm Runner. A coaster that doesn’t top the Fahrenheit but close. The line is way shorter and under shade, so it’s not as dreadful. You’re almost up for your turn on the ride. You get on and you sit on the track in front of many different people waiting for the ride to take off. Then you take off like a bolt of lightning when the countdown is done. The ride is finally over and your heart is in your throat from all of the excitement. You continue to move on.

There are plenty of other roller coasters, like the Great Bear, a hanging roller coaster that actually roars like a bear while it’s going! The comet which is an old, white roller coaster that has been there for a long time like when our grandparent’s were young and it was the first roller coaster. Then you have the Lightning Racer which is a thrilling wooden coaster. There are 2 carts that run and race each other on the track. They run at fast speeds to see who wins and it changes every so often from the lightning coaster to the thunder coaster. The Wildcat, another wooden coaster. You can probably tell by the name that this ride might be different from the others and let me tell you it is. You get on, start going up the hill and the whole way up you hear “clickity click clickity click click” and all of a sudden screams! You soar down the curving hill about to jump out of your seat. Tight twists and turns, very wild. You fly out of your seat every hill, twist, turn, and bump. Then it stops at a body throwing force and in your mind you say “What a Ride!” Sidewinder! The breath taking, headache metal coaster. The one that is all upside down and twists. You sit down in a very enclosed seat; you are pulled up the hill backwards so you come down facing the waiting lines. You’re dropped and there you go. You finish all the twists and turns and you do it all again, but backwards! Your head is going back and forth against the padding and all of a sudden the ride is over. You get off a bit dizzy but pumped and excited to ride the next upside down ride. The super dooper looper, the first thrilling upside down coaster at Hershey Park. This ride was one of the most exciting yet, but then you learn you rode every coaster there, time for other rides.

Next, the boardwalk, the new water park. There are so much exciting things to do in this water park. There is a Wave Rider and you get to ride these powerful waves of water for a few seconds that will literally blow your bathing suit off. Then you have Tubes that you ride in on a raft, they even have a pitch black tube! They also have all the other amazing and huge water attractions.

Time for the original rides. The Kissing Tower, a perfect opportunity to smooch with your special one. Then the Swings, Classic Cars, Merry Go Round and all the other original rides. Of course Hershey Park would have the originals!

Then it’s time to leave after an exciting day. Walking out with many other people, exhausted and your legs and feet in pain. Catching every last glimpse and smell of all the food. Smelling kettle corn and of course chocolate before leaving the park and gathering memories. Also, you quickly grab a souvenir to remember your day! Walking out and then pulling away looking at the twinkling lights of Hershey Park remembering the wonders and excitement of the park, hoping to go back soon.

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