Mexico Trip 2008

November 19, 2008
By Anonymous

It was late at night, when my parents called me into the living room. Mom said, “I have a surprise for you.” I was excited to hear it. I sat on the couch waiting for my sister and brother to get downstairs, so I could hear the good news. They came downstairs. Mom and Dad seemed really excited, and I was anxious to hear what they had to say. “We’re going to Mexico!” shouted Mom and Dad, thinking we would be excited. My brother and sister seemed to be very excited after my mom and dad told them the good news. All I thought was I would be away from my friends, and I didn’t want to go to Mexico. I didn’t even know anyone over there. “How long are we staying their?” I asked curiously. “For a month,” exclaimed Dad. “Why so long? I’m going to miss school, friends, and a lot of homework,” I shouted, hoping they would let me stay. “You will take your homework with you, and you can see your friends after we come back,” said Dad. “We leave in two days, so go pack up kids,” demanded my mom. “Ok,” I whispered, as if I didn’t want anyone to hear me.
Monday afternoon I had all my stuff together, and packed, ready to leave. “Are you done packing?” asked Dad. “Yes,” I said, trying to act like I was excited. “Okay,” then I’m taking your stuff to the van, so tomorrow we don’t have to be in a hurry.” Tuesday morning, my parents were all ready to go, besides for me. “Lets go!” said dad.
We were on our second day of driving, and I was beginning to get car sick, so my dad stopped at the gas station to get me something to drink.
Then, finally after two days of driving sitting in the lumpy car seats, we were less then 30 minutes away from where we were heading.
We were finally there. I wasn’t excited though. I had no friends to be with. “Were here!” shouted dad, stretching his legs. It was dark out, and I was sitting out on the porch by myself, when a group of girls asked if I wanted to walk around with them. “Yeah” I said. “So what’s your name?” asked one of the girls politely. “Miriam” I whispered. “What’s yours?” I asked, “Mine is Diana.” “Nice to meet you,” I said excited to have new friends. “We want you to meet someone,” said one of the girls. “His name is Enrique,” the girl said. “Hi Enrique,” “Hi Miriam,” he said. “So do you want to go talk somewhere?” he said. “Sure.” We talked, and became good friends! This trip wasn’t so bad after all.

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