short story

April 23, 2009
This story takes place on the very tip of Mt. McKinley in Alaska during the 1990’s .
Bart doesn’t know he’s at the very tip of Mt. McKinley and he’s scared that he might die at the summit of McKinley . He thinks about staying and trying to get down and go see his family I don’t know if I might see them.

As he climbs down Mt. McKinley He hears an avalanche and he gets on his snowboard and starts snowboarding. He sees a cave and spends the night there. The next morning sees a cabin and has breakfast and lunch. He sees a person with a nice huge parka and eats with him then he starts heading home and he spots another cabin. No ones there and he spends two nights alone in the cabin. Two days later and starts walking and he sees a moose with huge antlers. He sees it chasing him and starts running. Bart gets out his 12 gage shot gun and he shoots the moose and he misses. He shoots again and he still misses. The final shot and he hits the moose in the heart. Later that day, he cooked the moose meat and had it for lunch he hears a pack of wolves that smelled the good fresh suddenly he starts running.

He hears them coming towards him The pack of wolves are getting angry at him then he cover himself with snow so the wolves don’t se him. they run away and he starts walking and running at the same time. He noticed a second avalanche heading his way and he gets on his snowboard and starts snowboarding. The avalanche almost hits him. He dodges it and notices its getting dark and he went to go look for wood for fire and he finds little went back to the camp went to go look for more wood and finds a lot and then spends the night being outside in the cold windy weather. The next day he gets up as breakfast and goes outside and starts walking and he hears a snow machine and the snow machine spots him and ask were he is going and he ask him where he’s going and he said I’m going to Bethel and they get lost as they head for Bethel they run out of gas.

And there stranded out by the snow machine the only stuff they have are
Food , clothing and hunting gear couple hours later they went hunting for birds like ptarmigan , goose and swan , caribou and moose they only caught couple birds and three caribou and two or three moose’s went back to the camp and cook the bird for dinner and the caribou and moose for lunch the next day then they started walking towards Bethel they are looking for him.

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