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Here are the most recent sports articles:

Gettin’ em Back by Talkin’ Smack
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Ever had troubles throwing back jabs shot at your beloved sports team? Player? Fan base? Or, rather, just troubles adjusting an askew perception of it? Fret no more, my friend! Here’s your free lesson on How to Manage Sports Smack Talk. We’d... (more »)
Words of Wisdom from the Greatest
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Retiring at the end of last season, this man ended his career of perfection and longevity having scored the third-most points in NFL history (2,150). On turf, he was the Michael Jordan of scoring. (No, seriously, Jordan’s third all-time on his... (more »)
Calipari Requests Major Changes
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We’ve all heard it: John Calipari is to freshmen talent what Woodstock was to hygiene-abandoned hippies. High school All-Americans gravitate to this Kentucky basketball coach’s program. As the country all knows, though, once that freshman... (more »)
Freshmen Football Year
By , Hammond, IN
Freshmen football was a success for me and my team. We went through a lot as a team, due to the amount of players that were on the team. To have a good football team you need at least 20 to 25 players, well that wasn’t the case for my team.... (more »)
The Value of the Baseball Card
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Can you believe that in the 60s and 70s you could buy a pack of baseball cards for 5 cents, and now that pack could be worth over 5,000 dollars! Over the past 80 years baseball cards have been produced. The value of the card has had it ups and... (more »)
Steroids and Performance Enhancement Drugs
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Steroids and Performance Enhancement Drugs have always been in sports.But the sport it has been known to be used quite often is in Major League Baseball.Last year thirteen players were suspended for fifty games for the use of PED's. Out of... (more »)
Problems with Professional Baseball
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Baseball has changed a lot over the years, in good ways and in bad. There are two sides to most of these problems. The first problem is the new rule of instant replay and challenging calls. Baseball is a very long game as it is and I think that... (more »)
The Player Inside of Me
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Since the age of seven, I have played baseball. From the crack of the bat to the smell of the freshly mowed grass, I love everything about it. When I am standing on the field, the only thing I can think about is running full speed, as the the ball... (more »)
I play soccer after school, mostly all my family plays some kind of sports. During the summer me and my cousins go to the park with our friends and play a small game until it gets dark. Sometimes when my dad goes to play soccer we go and watch... (more »)
Moving Past a Burdened Past
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The flight is underway. There’s no going back. DeSean Jackson never wanted to be shooed from his Philadelphia wide receiver job of the last seven years, but the reason why is what makes it so hard for him to swallow. In late March, reports... (more »)
No Hard Feelings
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On somewhat of a private setting, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has shied away from cameras, but did agree to chat with several reporters on the subject of being released by the team. Presented is the simulation of what, perhaps,... (more »)
The Hard Truth About America's Pastime
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By 1998, the Cardinals’ first baseman was goliath’s goliath. 250 pounds of bones, muscle, and steroid juice made his jersey seams throb. He was as rugged as coral reef and as monstrous as the whales that eat it. The guy was getting paid half... (more »)
42 The Great
Jackie Robinson is in my own personal Hall of Fame because his character is strong, hardworking, and his story is inspiring. Robinson was the first African-American to play in the MLB with whites in the 1900’s. “ Robinson was important to all... (more »)
Play Ball
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Softball is one of America’s biggest team sports played by people of all ages. The game is popular with kids, with adults, and with teens. Over time, this four base game has become one of Americans favorite sports because of its history, its... (more »)
Art Rooney: A Written Documentary Of A NFL...
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The Pittsburgh Steelers are the leading Super Bowl trophy holders at the moment. They are known for their defense otherwise known as, “The Steel Curtain.” They also claim many NFL greats in the Hall of Fame including coaches and players... (more »)
The Life of Rob Dyrdek
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Rob Dyrdek is an American professional skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur, producer and reality TV star. He was born in Kettering, Ohio to Patty and Gene Dyrdek on June 28, 1974. As a child, he was very interested in sports. He began skateboarding... (more »)
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