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Here are the most recent sports articles:

NA LCS Spring Split Week One
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January 16 and 17 marked the first week of the spring split for the North American League of Legends Championship Series. Many new things were seen at these games due to numerous roster changes, new teams, and all of the new season six changes.... (more »)
Strive for Greatness
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Growing up I’ve always loved sports; I always loved watching and playing sports. Football, basketball, soccer, baseball- you name it. But there was always something about basketball that made it different from all the rest. I felt a... (more »)
But She’s a Girl This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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With moist palms and a butterfly-filled gut, I opened the doors to the court and felt comforted by a wash of familiar sounds: the squeaking of newly waxed floors, the cheers of the crowd, the swish of the perfectly made shot. Then, I noticed... (more »)
NHL All Star Game
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This weekend will be the annual NHL All-Star Weekend in Nashville, TN, but unlike previous years All-Star games  this year’s game (or should I say games) will be interesting to watch. Instead of the old fashioned 5 on 5 game between Eastern... (more »)
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Keeping my mind in check, by listening to Eminem to get myself fired up, but remaining calm, cool, and collected, I was wildly yelling cheering my teammates on as they quickly slammed into the wall. “One more race, are you ready to... (more »)
Brady vs. Manning XVII
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As the NFL conference games are coming up this week, we see a usual game being played. When the Broncos face the Patriots this weekend it will be the seventeenth time Tom Brady and Peyton Manning face off against each other. This rivalry is... (more »)
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Golden State Warriors Historic Run
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The Golden State Warriors have been on a hot start this season. When they started this season they started a record 24-0. They are on pace to pass the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls who won a record 72 games. They have had records since the beginning... (more »)
THH: Exercise? Me? What? No?
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It wasn’t because I wanted to be thinner, or more muscular. Knowing so many girls who feel insecure about their bodies, I almost feel lucky to say I’m happy in my own skin. I didn’t start exercising to change how I looked. Instead,... (more »)
The Jump
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It was always easy for me to skateboard. Wind blowing through my hair, cruising down the street, and jumping on and off curbs. I found joy in skating with my best friend Robert, getting kicked out of places, and just having fun.... (more »)
A Highly Underestimated Bunch
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I feel my heart beating nervously, and there are butterflies in my stomach. When the coaches tell me to, I walk up to to the block. I slowly inch forward, and all too soon, it’s my turn. I make sure my goggles are on tight, and I pull my... (more »)
Personal Narrative
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Basketball is a game of strategy, hustle, and skill. If you can’t handle the pressure, with defenders on your grill, and fans judging every action you make, then it’s not the game for you. I still remember the shot, the float, and the net... (more »)
My First Dirt Bike
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When I was 9 my dad bought me a green dirtbike. It was a fun little machine to have. Dirt Bikes are dangerous, but just as much fun. On Easter of 2004 my Dad decided to get me a green Kawasaki ninja dirt bike. I think that it was a 50cc... (more »)
Passionate About Soccer
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Ever since I could talk, all I wanted to be was someone great. I would run around pretending to be a superhero, or a famous actress; but little did I know, in a few years, I would end up becoming something just as superior. I became myself- a... (more »)
Miracle on the Field
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 I was sitting in the living room with my parents, watching the cubs game. Usually on Sundays I don't watch the whole game but something about this game made me watch it from the beginning. I had this feeling that I was about to watch... (more »)
Football Journey
By , clarkston, MI
There was a kid named Chad. His dream was to play football. Chad always loved it and every year that he played he never was a starter. Even though he work as hard as even though Chad worked as hard as everybody else did. This year chad promised... (more »)
Lone Star
By , Montvale, NJ
115:32. This is the time displayed by the stadium monitor in Johannesburg, South Africa, as Spain’s Jesus Navas races up the sideline with the ball at his feet. Seven seconds later, the Dutch defenses are backing up, and Navas is stripped of... (more »)
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