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Here are the most recent sports articles:

My First High School Hockey Game
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Was I nervous? Of course. Who wouldn’t be nervous when they’re about to step out on the ice (or field) for their first high school sports game? Not to mention there was a ton of people in the stands. It was definitely the most... (more »)
Never Giving Up
It was a long hot month of practice in the summer of July 2016, my dance team and I were getting ready for a long 4 days of camp at Oakland University. When we arrived there were about 20 different teams on all different levels from all... (more »)
Floor: 8.6
By , Clarkston, MI
I'll state this simply; gymnastics is hard. It's hard enough to be able to do it let alone be good at it. I wasn't the best, but I was pretty good. I’d been doing it for a few years so I was used to the routine; do 6 or 7... (more »)
Will the Cleveland Cavaliers Be Repeating...
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The Golden State Warriors have continued their impressive season run: winning 67 of 82 games in the regular season, sweeping all three of their playoff opponents, and obtaining the 8 time NBA all-star, 4 time NBA scoring champion, Kevin Durant.... (more »)
What Is Going on with the Boston Celtics?
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Questions and Answers When asked about what goals the Boston Celtics had coming into the 2016-2017 season, forward Jae Crowder responded with, “Get past the first round.” The Celtics did just that, winning four games in a row... (more »)
Injuries in High School Sports
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Running into my second season of track and field as a high school sophomore, I was just beginning to hit my stride. Hurdling was gradually becoming instinctual for me as I had been practicing it for nearly a year. I had just run my first few... (more »)
Baltimore Orioles Defeat Red Sox
By , Amherst, NY
The Boston Red Sox fell to the Baltimore Orioles in the first of a three game series in Camden Yards. As a whole, the Red Sox did not perform as well as they could, but the Orioles took advantage of the sub-par Red Sox. Eduardo Rodriguez... (more »)
This I Believe
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The light turns on as I'm startled awake. I faintly hear my mom's voice say "Time to get up for swim" Groaning while rolling over to check my phone as I read 5:20 on the lock screen. Knowing I'm about to get picked up to drive to Sussex Academy... (more »)
What Wrestling Means to Me
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Wrestling is the stress response intensified. The whistle blows. You have only 6 minutes to impose your will. Your heart is beating faster than a speeding bullet. Your lips are chapped. Your stomach hurts. But, you are relaxed. Your mind is... (more »)
The Question of the Robo-Ump
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Seven years ago, Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga was pitching a gem against the Cleveland Indians. In fact, it was the best outing of his career, as he was one out away from making history by pitching a perfect game. The ninth hitter... (more »)
This I Believe
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A Butterfly is a graceful, flying insect to most children. They loved them and chased them; I did not love “butterfly.” My butterfly was a stroke, a way of swimming (torture more like it), and as I wiggled like a fish out of water,... (more »)
Championship: In Sight
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Running, run faster.  Throwing, throw harder.  Hitting, hit farther.  We were unstoppable.  Almost every day, all spring and summer, we practiced, and we trained.  Undefeated...on the diamond and in our hearts.  Four cities, we beat them... (more »)
Benefits of Playing Sports as a Child
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Have you ever play sports when you were a kid? Did you like sports when you were a kid? Did you benefit from sports?  Sport benefit children because they become healthier and stronger. One reason children should play sports is there... (more »)
Kids Under the Age of 14 Shouldn't Play...
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Should kids younger than 14 play football? injuries occur all the time in youth football and they can harm you in the future. Broken bones, concussions, and muscle tears occur the most in youth football and cause problems with growth, memory,... (more »)
Kids Shouldn't Be Scouted at Young Ages
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CLAIM : Kids shouldn’t be scouted at a young age   Do you really think that kids doing sports is good or either they being very good at that sport ? Think two times before know what is the problem of the kids be scouted at... (more »)
Steroid Use Penalties
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After being caught using steroids, an athlete should never be able to professionally compete again. Athletes have minimal steroid use monitoring, the penalties for being caught on steroids are very small, and there are numerous health risks... (more »)
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