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Here are the most recent sports articles:

It Doesn't Always Matter
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“I just want you guys to have one more year to develop so you can kill it on varsity the next three years.” What? The only thought to occupy my mind as I stand with the other chumps not on varsity. This wasn’t what I... (more »)
Trying Something New
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Heart pounding, heavy breathing, thinking “Stay calm and do what you have to do.” The whistle blows, my heart sank as if I jumped into the ocean. Then I started to run.         Since I... (more »)
Failure Bringing Forth Success
By , Stoughton, MA
It was a scorching day in the end of August. Time blazed faster than a forest fire consuming everything in sight yet remained encapsulated within the frozen water I struggled to drink. A grassy smell accompanied a salty taste in my mouth and I... (more »)
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It’s track season, it feels as though I’m gaining power throughout my body. Nervousness, also comes because you never know what to expect the outcome to be. Faith within myself is already encountered because no matter what I do, or... (more »)
My Football Life
By , wilmington, DE
I was a great flag football athlete. I was the fastest and one of the most outgoing on the team. I played on a outside school team for the ymca. I was the smallest out of the whole establishment of teams. But that did not stop me. It made me... (more »)
Big Papi
By , newark, DE
I have always loved baseball.  Although I really do not remember, I have been told that my first experience with baseball occurred when I was just three and a half years old.  That’s the day I saw my first game at Fenway Park in... (more »)
Race for the Ring
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In Major League Baseball, the Texas Rangers and the Chicago Cubs are the two top teams in the league, and they both with a bad history when it comes to the World Series; however, this could be the year they come back with a title. Early... (more »)
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2016: The Year of Cleveland?
By , Solon, OH
Ever since the date of May 15, 2016, the city of Cleveland has been on fire (except the browns who will not even be acknowledged in this article). It all started with Euclid, OH born MMA fighter Stipe Miocic, who won the UFC 198 title on the... (more »)
Baseball Game
By , branford, ct, CT
I just arrived at the field the coach told me i was pitching i started warming up for the game with the catcher i was nervous because it was the championship game. We were all nervous but i thought the whole team was relying on me to pitch well... (more »)
My Boxing Start
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This story will be one of my personal stories that are the most memorable to me. It’s a story of my past, when I started to get into what is known as boxing. Also I will explain about my very first boxing match that I ever participated... (more »)
Making a New Start
By , Newark, DE
When I first walked onto the softball field, I was overwhelmed.  I was starting at a new school in the middle of my freshman year and I had so many thoughts like are they going to like me? Am I going to be good enough to make it on the... (more »)
Terrifying Visit
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The first injury I got playing Lacrosse. I was hit in the neck and I remember the pain shooting down the whole right side of my body felt like someone hand repeatedly hit me with some type of hammer. I thought I could shake it off, I thought I... (more »)
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When a bat hits you in the head you are probably going to need stitches.It was a couple of weeks before the first day of school and I had to get stitches for trying to learn how to play baseball. My mom was at work so she her friend Helen was... (more »)
The Beautiful Game
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 The bell rang for lunch. All the kids in my classed rushed out of their seats and into the courtyard outside. I sat with a few other kids and ate my lunch inside (for some reason the rest had taken their lunches outside, even though there... (more »)
Football: All or Nothing
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It’s the first day of school. Your eyes dart through the hallways recognizing kids you haven't seen all summer. You hear your name shouted by familiar voices, people who don’t look at you timidly. Throughout the day you... (more »)
Julio Jones Quote
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My inspiration is Julio Jones, a well known wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. He is my inspiration because of a statement he made. It was the NFC Championship game between the Falcons and the 49ers. The Falcons took a devastating... (more »)
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