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Here are the most recent sports articles:

On the Sidelines This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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It was a Saturday because all emotional things seem to happen on Saturdays and leave the rest of the weekend to think and feel too deeply. My basketball team and I rode the bus to a nearby boarding school. It was the last day of a three-day... (more »)
Stitch by Stitch
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As the musty, abandoned locker room softly murmured to me, the insistent three o’clock school bell pulsated and clanged.  I eagerly bolted from the classroom to get prepared for baseball practice.  While swapping clothes and... (more »)
How to Pass a Volleyball
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How to: Pass a Volleyball Have you ever watched a volleyball game and wondered how the players can control the ball so well with just their forearms? Have you ever played volleyball and continually shanked passes and not understood why? Here is... (more »)
The Regatta to Remember
By , Metairie, LA
Flip, there goes the boat. When I arrived at the Southern Yacht Club, I saw people frantically running upstairs, across the harborwalk, and through the boat yard.  This happens every year.  Coaches are yelling at their kids to... (more »)
A Race to Remember
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The faster you run the faster you’re done. That is what we had to repeat to ourselves as we slowly gather at the starting line in huddles. It was a clear, sunny day outside with a light summer breeze. Some were talking aloud, sharing... (more »)
Just Keep Swimming
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“Take your mark, BEEP!” The sound of the static speaker booms through the excited atmosphere of the University of New Orleans Aquatic Center. The smell of chlorine is embedded in the walls as the stench radiates throughout the... (more »)
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Starting in just preschool, Carter wanted to be in the spotlight. Being a small kid, his dreams had no limit. But that never stopped him from trying to succeed them. Carter wanted his name to be known. He wanted to make it all worth something.... (more »)
I am Adrian Beltre
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Adrian Beltre is one of the purest baseball players to play the game. He is not only a great baseball player, he is also very humorous. Beltre is like a comedian when he is around teammates. He always has something up his sleeve. I play... (more »)
Recipe to Winning a State Championship
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Ingredients: 4 dedicated senior captains 16 players 4 coaches A team chemistry 22 games and 4 losses 4 playoff games to get to state 1 comeback 1 kohl center Beat Spash Directions: First, you gotta have the 4 dedicated senior... (more »)
Why Cheerleading Is a Sport This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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There are many stereotypes about cheerleading. Clearly it isn’t a conventional sport with a ball and equipment like knee pads and helmets. When you hear the word “sport,” cheer probably isn’t the first thing that pops... (more »)
I Am Paul Rabil
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Paul Rabil--the best and most athletic lacrosse player. The Wayne Gretzky of lacrosse, showing his skills everyday. Works hard everyday to get better and posts all about it on social media. A new youtube video tuesday on how to eat healthy or... (more »)
Shoe Paradise
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Shoes make you run faster, make you look fresher, make you feel more comfortable.    Walk into the footlocker with shoes looking like a cow; muddier than the fields.  Open the new box, try the new ones out, feeling like... (more »)
The Art of Movement
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In the midst of a world brimming with conformity and monotony, a contradistinction, or a distraction at the very least, is a silver lining desired by most people. I’ve always been entranced by the idea of absolute distraction. The thought... (more »)
The Madness of March
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According to Mike Krzyzewski, the Duke head basketball coach and five-time national champion, “Cutting down the nets in the final game of March Madness is ultimate goal for any team or coach.” In the eyes of any sports fan, the annual... (more »)
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Super Bowl LI
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Once again, the Super Bowl did not disappoint the millions of viewers watching from their televisions at home or the spectators in the stands cheering on their respective teams. To many, Super Bowl LI is known as one of the best all time games... (more »)
NFL Mystery
By , monroe, NC
The Game That Changed the United States The conceit in people only assures them a strong attitude and a massive ego. Confidence on the other hand will be the player who believes they are good enough and have the ability to finish the... (more »)
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