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Most Recent Sports Articles

Here are the most recent sports articles:

The Activity I Love
During the summer, I look forward to August coming around because of the one thing I love: football managing.  Most people think that football managing is not fun at all, but in all reality it is really fun.  I won’t lie, it has... (more »)
Blue October
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Kauffman Stadium was an ocean of royal blue with a roar like a lion. “That crowd seemed to go from the football game Monday night to the baseball stadium” an ESPN broadcaster said. The game that started it all, must have been the... (more »)
I Love You Sports, I Love You Not
For as long as I can remember (which is surprisingly not very long for my age), people have always looked at me as the “sports kid”.  Yes, I was the little girl that happened to excel in all things athletic.  With a... (more »)
By , Defiance, OH
There is so much to love in this world and it can be hard to just choose one that is my favorite.  But there is just one thing that I always dream about everyday and sometimes I forget where I am just thinking of it or picturing something... (more »)
The District Race
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From the exhaustive training of the long, hot, grueling summer to the unforgiving practices and races, our bodies had become prepared for one of the greatest challenges this season.  We were nervously chatting trying to calm each other... (more »)
My Love for Softball
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Every year I waited impatiently for the seasons to change. Not the kind of season most people will think of, weather, but the sport season. I could not wait to hear the sound of my bat ring in my ear as it sends the ball souring to center... (more »)
Under My Tires
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The miles and miles of pavement roll underneath my tires as I peddle down a long country road.  Miles of fields on both sides of me stretch as far as the eye can see.  The summer evening air is still warm from the heat of the day as the sun... (more »)
Football is Everything
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  The first time I was introduced to football was at the age of 4. I didn’t know what I was looking at but I liked to hear the clashing sound of football players ramming each other. Football is one of the most popular sports in America.  ... (more »)
Summer Days
     Strutting out to the first tee box, I grab my weapon of choice on a calm morning.  As the fog is starting to lift, I press my tee into the cold, damp ground.  Lining myself up to the Titleist golf ball, I pray the ball just makes it... (more »)
The LA Marathon
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On Sunday morning, March 15th, I ran the LA Marathon. It was my first ever marathon and I was carrying on my grandparents' legacy of marathon running. During the beginning of the run, there were so many people in one place! It was... (more »)
Forever Royal
In honor of baseball season almost being upon us, I would like to look back on a time that captured every true Kansas Citian, baseball fan or not; Blue October. Sadly, it did not result in KC being the home of the World Series Champions but it... (more »)
Fired Up!
The screeching noise of the buzzer rings through my ears as my team just suffered another devastating loss. It was something about this one game that made my dad really angry. My dad is always such a happy and uplifting person, so his reaction... (more »)
Something I Love
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One of the biggest things that I love is wrestling.   Wrestling means a lot to me.  The competitive edge, feel of the mats, and pride and joy I receive from doing the sport bring me great pleasure.  Wrestling takes a lot of dedication,... (more »)
Football Managing
By , Defiance, OH
During the summer, I spend two months with smelly, disrespectful boys. But it’s my favorite activity to do during the summer. I spend my day walking back and forth on a practice field just to make sure the fifty plus boys get water to stay... (more »)
Running Through the Journey
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Running is a sport in which “heart” is the main attribute towards success.  As I approached the start line at the 2014 West Virginia AAA State Cross Country Championships, the word “heart” was racing through my... (more »)
The Eighteenth Green
As I entered my senior year I was full of energy and life going into golf season. Throughout the duration of my year I played to my full ability having a scoring average of 37 on the nine-hole matches. Which was a new career low. My... (more »)
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