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Here are the most recent sports articles:

Football is Everything
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  The first time I was introduced to football was at the age of 4. I didn’t know what I was looking at but I liked to hear the clashing sound of football players ramming each other. Football is one of the most popular sports in America.  ... (more »)
Summer Days
     Strutting out to the first tee box, I grab my weapon of choice on a calm morning.  As the fog is starting to lift, I press my tee into the cold, damp ground.  Lining myself up to the Titleist golf ball, I pray the ball just makes it... (more »)
The LA Marathon
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On Sunday morning, March 15th, I ran the LA Marathon. It was my first ever marathon and I was carrying on my grandparents' legacy of marathon running. During the beginning of the run, there were so many people in one place! It was... (more »)
Forever Royal
In honor of baseball season almost being upon us, I would like to look back on a time that captured every true Kansas Citian, baseball fan or not; Blue October. Sadly, it did not result in KC being the home of the World Series Champions but it... (more »)
Fired Up!
The screeching noise of the buzzer rings through my ears as my team just suffered another devastating loss. It was something about this one game that made my dad really angry. My dad is always such a happy and uplifting person, so his reaction... (more »)
Something I Love
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One of the biggest things that I love is wrestling.   Wrestling means a lot to me.  The competitive edge, feel of the mats, and pride and joy I receive from doing the sport bring me great pleasure.  Wrestling takes a lot of dedication,... (more »)
Football Managing
By , Defiance, OH
During the summer, I spend two months with smelly, disrespectful boys. But it’s my favorite activity to do during the summer. I spend my day walking back and forth on a practice field just to make sure the fifty plus boys get water to stay... (more »)
Running Through the Journey
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Running is a sport in which “heart” is the main attribute towards success.  As I approached the start line at the 2014 West Virginia AAA State Cross Country Championships, the word “heart” was racing through my... (more »)
The Eighteenth Green
As I entered my senior year I was full of energy and life going into golf season. Throughout the duration of my year I played to my full ability having a scoring average of 37 on the nine-hole matches. Which was a new career low. My... (more »)
Life of Hockey
By , Cannon Falls, MN
I was only six years old when I started my life in hockey. Ever since I started playing I was not able to stop. Hockey is more than hitting a puck into the net to get goals. It is more like life because it can be tough at time but it will... (more »)
SRV Championships
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I awakened at exactly 7:30 to the alarm I had set. I walked upstairs and ate a huge breakfast for the long day ahead. It consisted of a huge omelet and a glass or two of milk. I went downstairs and put my track jersey and shorts on. I then... (more »)
Falling Dynasty
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2011 State Champs, 2012 Runner-ups. The Mount Girls varsity hockey team has lost its reputation as years pass. Winning a state championship is something that I have dreamed about my entire life. Mount Girls hockey had won 10 out of the 12 State... (more »)
What makes a good captain in sports
Athletes all around the globe who have the great qualities that are essential to be a captain do this in a way that reflects themselves and the organization that they are a part of by showing their tremendous leadership skills on and off of the... (more »)
2024 Olympic Games
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There are various reasons as to why the future Olympic Games should and should not be held in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Personally, I believe that the Olympics should be held in Boston in 2024. Many economists say that the local money... (more »)
Green Meadows Conference Junior High Track
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It was seventh period, and we were sitting in health class waiting for the big hand to hit on the three so that we could get on the bus and head to GMC’s. We stood up, said goodbye to our teacher and heard the rest of the class say,... (more »)
I'm Just Here So I Don't Get Fined
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This past week has been tough, but I know I’m ready to go on Sunday.  Last week we had a great come-from behind victory against the Packers.  After a poor start, we came back to take the lead thanks to an amazing onsides kick... (more »)
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