Effects of Doping

May 30, 2018
By Luiz. SILVER, Tirana, Other
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                                   Effects of Doping

Doping has been considered as a big problem in sports. If you don’t know what doping is, it’s when athletes use illegal substances to improve in their performance. Doping is a problem that has been said to have been going on since the Greek Olympics were around. The most commonly used drugs are androgenic drugs, stimulants, diuretics, masking agents, etc. Now there have been even more cases where athletes are getting caught since they are getting tested for drugs in every competition.  But more and more athletes keep using drugs as a way to get better.
  Many athletes use all kinds of different drugs to increase their performance. But those drugs can cause some damage to the user. Androgenic agents such as anabolic steroids allow athletes to train harder, recover quickly, and build more muscle. But they can also cause kidney damage and increased aggression. People also use stimulants, which make athletes more alert and can overcome the effects of fatigue by increasing heart-rate and blood flow. But they are addictive and can lead to heart failure.
  Robert Goldman, a physician and author of  ‘Death in the locker room’ was able to get some athletes and ask them a simple question. The question was whether the athletes would take a drug for them to have major success in sport but the drug would cause them to die five years later. The results were not positive. Half of the athletes chose to take the drug ("Doping In Sport: What Is It And How Is It Being Tackled?"). This is an example of how athletes risk their lives just to have a better performance than the ones who are better than them without using any drugs.
  As I said before there have been too many occasions where athletes are caught with doping. Even though so many are getting caught, people still continue to do it even more. But you might be asking how do athletes get caught? In every single professional competition athletes are tested, and if the test comes out positive for drug the athlete is banned from competition for some time, or permanently, it depends on the drug used. The athletes are tested by a long-established technique called mass spectrometry. “This involves firing a beam of electrons at urine samples to ionise them” ("Doping In Sport: What Is It And How Is It Being Tackled?").
  I personally think that the only way to stop doping in sports is by just banning more athletes permanently if they are caught and not for some time. I think that this is the only efficient way because that’s how everyone learns how to not make mistakes, by getting punished. If more and more athletes get permanently banned, then no more will try doping, because they know they will lose their jobs. But former Olympic 1500m champion Lord Coe was named the president of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations), says he is committed to getting rid of drug cheating in sports. He “has pledged to set up an independent anti-doping agency for the sport, admitting there is a perception that in-house drug-testing creates "conflicts" and "loopholes".” ("Doping In Sport: What Is It And How Is It Being Tackled?").

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