Adrenalin rush

April 14, 2009
By Amber Krizizke BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Amber Krizizke BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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Me and my team walked into the Peshtigo School. We stopped and got little blue basketball stamps, then continued walking. We walked into the small, hot, and smelly gym. It reeked of sweat! We continued walking until we found an open seat in the gym. After a few minutes the buzzer went off. That meant our team was next in line to play. I was nervous. We got on the court and started warming up.

The game had begun. I was a starter alone with Ashley, Allie, Maddie and Stephanie. A few minutes into the game coach pulled me out and gave me a break. The game was really close and nerve racking! Coach put me back in with a few minutes left. Our team was getting tired and worn out! Peshtigo started beating us!

With a few minutes left we had to make a come back! We wanted to win this game more than anything! We knew we could do it. But the question was how!

The score was 41 to 44. We were losing! There was about 3 minutes left and we were all shouting, “We have to catch up!” The time was running out fast! There was no time for mistakes! I could hear people yelling from the bleachers, “SHOOT! DRIVE! DEFENCE!” I was getting really nervous! Sweat was dripping off my face!

There was about 45 seconds left I remember getting the ball, looking at the basket, and then looking at my feet. I was behind the 3 point line and I was wide open. No one was in front of me. I decided to take the shot. I grasped the ball, set me feet, tucked my elbows in, jumped, and let the ball go. I was watching the balls every move! It was coming closer and closer to the hoop. SWOSH! I had just swished the 3 pointer! I was so happy! Every one in the stands stood up and cheered! It felt so good!

Coach called a time out. He congratulated me about the shot along with the team. I felt like I made a difference in the world but it was only a basketball game. The time out ended and I was back in the game.
There was 20 seconds left. We were tied. Ashley got the ball. She drove in for a lay up. But she missed. I told her it was okay because there’s always next time. She replied, “NO! I want this game!” That made me realize. I want this game too. And I’m not going to let the team down!
With that 20 seconds lift I got the ball. I passed it to Jordan. She passed it back to me. She shouted “DRIVE!” I looked at the ball, and then looked at the coach. He looked at me back. I started dribbling the ball. I ran into the lane and threw up the ball. A whistle blew! FOUL! It was bonus. I got to shoot 1 free throw.
I stood at the line looking my team mates. Looking at the ball and thinking! I was trying to concentrate. So many things were going threw my mind. If I made this shot we would win the game. I looked at the ball some more. I put the ball in the shooting position and threw if up. My hands were sticky and my face was red. The ball bounced on the rim and rolled off the hoop. I missed. The whole team had their heads down including me. I was ashamed of my self. I left the whole team down!
All of a sudden the referee walks over and says, “I was wrong. It was a double bonus.” This meant I had the chance to shoot another free throw. My heart was pounding! I looked at the clock and there was 7 seconds left! This was our last chance! My team walked up to me and told me I can do this! I knew I could because I was practicing my free throws a lot but what are the chances of me making it? I grabbed the ball again. I closed my eyes. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I opened my eyes. I looked at my mom. She smiled. I looked at the hoop. I took the ball. I put it in the proper position. I shot the ball. I watched the ball hit the rim, bounce off the back board, and slid right into the net. I MADE IT!
Me and the team were so happy! Every one congratulated me and told me they were proud of me! I felt so good! I never knew I had that much confidence!
After the game I was so happy. But I couldn’t of done it with out my eat. The biggest lesson I learned was never under estimate your self. You can always do something no matter how hard you try. Have confidence in your self! Confidence and self esteem will get you every where in life!

The author's comments:
This Story is about a group of best friends going to a basketball tournement with very little confidence! But something AMAZING happens and changes everything! The outcome is not what you expect.

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