Brandon Jennings

March 30, 2009
By Anonymous

Living the life~

Brandon Jennings known as the best basketball player in the country is now playing basketball in Rome. He was at first going to play in Arizona for the Wildcats but his SAT score wasn’t high enough. He was loosing hope after his third time taking it so he looked for his next opportunity. He received a call from a professional team overseas and he immediately accepted the offer. He is now known as the first high school player to play overseas. He was offered a 3.5 million dollar deal to play with them for one year. He’s currently living with his mom and his little brother who before lived in Compton California, they expect to live their for the remainder of his season this year and next year enter the N.B.A. draft.

I just remember watching him on E.S.P.N. and he was really someone who stood out. All the way from his hair style from the late 80’s and then was his passing ability and his jump shot he was way better than all the rest. I think that he will become very successful in the next couple of years and he may have a chance to win rookie of the year if he goes to the next level next year. While living in Rome he now is part of deal with under armor that offered him a shoe deal with is totally customized just for him. The only thing he says is different from being in the U.S. is that they don’t have a dryer; he has to hang his clothes. That would be a huge change coming from the U.S. and then switching to a place without a dryer where now you have to sort of change the day you might have wanted to wear a particular outfit, because it’s not up to you anymore you have to wait for it to dry.

I really think that it would be cool to go out of the state for one because I know the stuff would be really cheap like shoes! That’s my hobby I would just stack up on a grip of sneakers. I don’t know about the food but I’m sure some of the stuff I would like, it’s just that I’m very picky at what I eat. That’s one of my smallest problems. He will be making a lot of money within the next couple of years.
Recently he wrote a blog and sent a message back to some of the U.S. teenagers who look up to him and were wondering if they could try to follow his footsteps after being the first ever to play over sees straight out of high school in the message he said it all good but the money isn’t really coming in on time and if you expect to start it won’t happen every game. There are moments he said where he wanted to just give in but the situation he’s in is a once in a lifetime. That doesn’t happen a lot during most of the last time coming out.

I think that he has a very good life so far even though he’s overcoming all the odds, he is a very successful young person and that’s good after he overcame everything from living in one of the deadliest neighborhoods known throughout the U.S.
He is very talented and I just know that he will be one of the best upcoming players to play in the N.B.A. in the next coming of years. Brandon Jennings was a monster at Oak Hill Academy any one who goes to that school is most likely going to the N.B.A. or definite Division 1 College. I already know that he would have been crazy good if he played at Arizona because they don’t have that many big named players and don’t really have that much popularity so just with Brandon Jennings bringing all of his hype to that school would have been really good for them. He reminds me of Romeo miller who plays for U.S.C he is a big named athlete freshman from Beverly Hills high school he is known as a rapper/actor and to have him play as a Trojan just added more celebrity to L.A. Romeo is one of the top highly recruited athletes to join the U.S.C, there is another superstar name Demar Derozan he is really good speaking of that he has just lead his team an appearance in the NCAA final four. I really think Demar derozan has a big chance of having a chance to play in the N.B.A. either after his freshmen year or if not that his sophomore year definitely. The only team that doesn’t really have players go straight to the N.B.A. is Duke there players all ways stay the full four years. That’s not bad either I think that it’s good that you stay in get your degree but I can see how some players can decide to just do that. Some players need an immediate way of paying for their family and they have to do others is they don’t know how their next year will turn out and their just having a super season this year and their stock has risen tremendously. Usually some players they go back and get their degree after their done with their career in sports if they haven’t got it already. Usually the person behind them going back is usually their mother saying all they want is for her son or daughter to get their degree. Most of the people I think they deserve more of a better chance at life like even though there already rich there’s still nothing like going back or staying in college the full 4 years and earning your degree I mean you already in school for over 10 years. Its just best that you go back and get your degree. Brandon Jennings is becoming such a stud on the internet he has such a great status at his fame as a high school baller.

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