For the Love of Soccer!

March 25, 2009
By Lily MacLennan BRONZE, Cathedral CIty, California
Lily MacLennan BRONZE, Cathedral CIty, California
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Victorville, we were in over time, and whoever scored next won. It was a humid, sticky kind of hot, but there was a little breeze, all of the parents, on both sides of the field were cheering, jumping, and screaming at the top of their lungs. But then, the other team got the ball to the front, crossed it, and one of the girls ran, and scored. Their parents and team were screaming at the top of their lungs, and were excited that the game was over. So we jogged in, cheered for the other team, walked by, hi-fived every single one of the players hands, and ran over to our parents. They had their usual bridge set up for us to run under, so we did. That was a majority of the girls on the teams first tournament. But, even then after we lost our game the girls all-star team still stuck together, and brought what we had earned home. So then, at our last practice at the end one of the dads came and said, “ They are making a new team for Desert United, and they want some of the all-star girls to join.” That’s when my family, and I, decided I was going to play For Desert United Soccer Club.

Once all-stars was over no one was ready to leave, and everyone wanted to stay. Every one was dreading the last moment when we all were saying goodbye, and hugging and exchanging emails, screen names, phone numbers, and anything else we could think of. But while everyone was still there one of the dads’ said, “ Hey guys, Desert United is starting another team and they want any of the girls from the all-star team to join.” So he told us all of the times and when the first practice was. When we got home I think the major question was are we up to traveling, going far places, and playing year around? For some families it was a no brainer, they were definitely going to do it or they weren’t but for some it took awhile to think about.

The first practice we got to meet our coach, Wilt, he was a young college student, he was strong, clam, and good at soccer. All of the girls there were mostly from the all-star team so it was like we were just another practice with another coach. But once we started to introduce ourselves everyone seemed different like you were just meeting them or something. When we got to the actual practice we went over the basics, we dribbled, passed, and had fun. Once we got more into it we noticed how hot it was and we were sweating but not too hard but we were out of breath. Once the practice was over everyone went home and I think most of them liked it and I did too.

Now Desert United G ‘95 has gotten a lot better. We have been playing together for five years and some have had enough and some haven’t!! Sofie and Sadie Baez on my soccer team are really the most important to me because the first time I started playing I was on their dad’s team and we were the Yugios. And their dad recommended me for the all-stars too so with out them I wouldn’t really be playing soccer the way I do now! My soccer team and I have gone many places like San Bernardino, Murrieta, LA, Claremont, Victorville, and many, many more places. The feeling of playing tournaments with this team is different than with my all-star team because we know each others weaknesses and strengths. When we win or lose it doesn’t really matter, sometimes girls will get teary eyed but that’s only because their love of the game is so strong and they don’t like losing. But when we win everyone’s in a better mood and more fun to be around!!

This experience has changed me dramatically because I play with a higher standard for myself and of other people, I get stronger everyday that I practice, and I play with a higher intensity then regular rec. ball. My team has been through our ups and downs but we always remember to play like were at the top of the league even if we are dead last and have no chance at all of getting into a higher level.

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on Apr. 24 2009 at 6:01 am
amandapanda BRONZE, Durango, Colorado
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This was a great story. I have one in here about soccer too, and i know how crazy this sport can be! keep following the path you're on, though, and you'll end up in great places!


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