Fastpitch is all I have

March 24, 2009
By Anonymous

It was the summer of 1862 when i lost my best friend.He meant every thing to me i spent every night and day with him. The only thing that hit me the most was that my best friend was my dad and i had killed him. I can remember the crash like it was just yesterday. He had let me drive to the corry but i couldn't drive to payson so when we got to the corry he told me to go off the road and let this guy behind us pass cause it looked like he was in a hurry. But when i went to pull off the road i forgot to signal and there was a guy coming from the top of the road, and we got squished but the air bag didn't go off on my dads side and he was killed.
It was all my fault if i had just waited a little longer of better yet signaled he would still be here and i wouldn't have to deal with my evil aunt and her to obnacouis boys.
I had to clean their skate boards and do the laundry and etc. etc. Some days i just need to get out of the house and today was one of them i was so frusturated with the boys and my extreamly ugly, insane, to cool to live, and perfect aunt silvia.
I always had a certain way i took on the walks but i decided to change it up. This time i walked to the softball fields.
Just as soon i was walking buy the head coach yelled HEADS, but i am too stupid to understand so i just stood there and got waked in the head with a softball.
"hey, can you throw that over here"
" I would rather not i will just bring it over."
"no just throw it it will be ok i promise"
" ok then"
" huh oh my god one of the outfielders said"
I just ducked my head and walked away.
"hey wait up have you ever played before"
" um no does it look like i have"
" Um ya it does you threw it farther than i can'
" you guys must relly suck then"
" um no you just threw it over the back stop fence from all the way back here. I will make you a deal start hangin with us at school and you can come play with us and get a garunteed spot on the team'
It sounded good to me i could get away for some time of my own and not have to deal with the boys. I was hooked. I started out to make friends with the girls on the team and i went to their practacies every day from 3 till 7. i had just become everything i wanted to. Popular, athletic, and an all star softball player.
I can just see my dad cheering for me everytime i touch or see a softball.

The author's comments:
I picked up this idea when i went to the nebo writers confrence. I hope you like it and please post your responses.

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