Soccer Moms the Real Deal?

March 20, 2009
By Kyleigh Larson BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Kyleigh Larson BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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The roaring of the crowd as he athletes, as they all stride for gold. As an athlete you always love hearing the cheers the screams that encourage you to do well and keep the game entertaining for everyone. But some times, well all the time there is always one parent who just nags in your ear it’s the dreaded soccer moms and dads of he world that find a way to make the game brutal for everyone to watch and hear. They are the ones who taunt the refs, the players, and the coaches. Gr they just make me so mad.

Just the other night I sat proudly watching one of my little brothers games. He is only in the 3rd grade playing basketball at the high school. I sat down unfortunately next to a trailer park looking character; I didn’t really care or even stare at him until he open his big fat mouth. He was wearing a beaten up hat and a shirt that said “Reno envy”, classic. As I continue watching the game he pretty much screamed to the world he had yet to see one of his sons games (not judging but I believe it’s because of his jail time.) He taunted the refs about a game he doesn’t know and has yet to see his own son play in. Why do people do this it’s stupid.

Okay put yourself in the position of the referee and picture parents every single game yelling at you to call something or yelling at you because you called something. It’s completely ridiculous the parents probably played when they were their son’s ages now and think hey know the game. Well based on soccer the rules seem to always be changing so the refs would be the first to know of the change because it is their JOB. Parents are sometimes right but usually they don’t know what they are talking about.

It’s not just the refs that are getting yelled at either. I have had people yelling at me from the sideline people that I didn’t know saying that I’m too aggressive and hurting their precious little girl. Well you put them in the sport so sooner or later they would have to face me. If they are so protective too then why are they in a contact sport they could go do something that won’t break their nail.

I know I’m sounding a little harsh but it’s true. If anyone as been to a basketball game. O man those are the worst everyone is yelling and your in a small space and can hear everyone. It’s not pleasant.

Sometimes the coaches get yelled at. Usually by refs because the coaches decide to state they made a bad call. But I have seen the worst yelling at coaches from parents of the kids on the team. That their kid has never gotten to play, they play too much, why are they putting them in that position, they get hurt by other players, etc.

My opinion is that sports are fun and entertaining to watch so watch that’s what it is for you can talk and yell all you want when you get home. Just not on the field. I believe the only thing that should be said out loud are cheering encouraging cheers too. I know now I sound all mushy ad childish but it’s so true. If people can’t control outbursts and such then maybe they shouldn’t talk either.

Some may say that it’s the only way to call a game fairly but it’s not the ref will do his job or get fired easy as that. Some may say intense crowd call for intense games, well I personally only like to watch intense games and play in them only some times just because the crowd gets too into it. Some even say that yelling will their kids in becoming stronger, I have yet to hear one person say they enjoy being yelled at, at a game.

Sports are for playing not for yelling. So let us play our game we will give you a show. Just watch. There is no need to scream, yell, or taunt. Unless they are screaming for a goal, homerun, touchdown, etc. or yelling to ply hard and do well, and taunting… well taunting is never good. We appreciate the support just back off a little.

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on Sep. 30 2009 at 11:57 am
i love your beggining

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