my days as a soccer star

March 20, 2009
By soccerjosh46 BRONZE, Birdsbro, Pennsylvania
soccerjosh46 BRONZE, Birdsbro, Pennsylvania
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this is a story about me as a kid. well i am actully a kid right now so it is a story about me right now in life. i love soccer it is my favorite engalnd they call it football. but in the U.S.A foot ball is a lot different. i have been playing soccer for 7 years now. i have become very skilled at soccer. actully when i play indoor soccer i play with 14 year olds, and i am only 11. it is very amusing ot my friends. my girl friend brooke likes to come to my games and olways loves to chear me on. that gets me pumping. but one time i was playing with the 14 year olds i got badly ingured and couldnt play for the longest time it was very sad to all the people i play with. I was ingured by one of the other players on the other team. from my prospective that kid should have got a red card it was not cool at all. so now i am still recovering from my ingury. i hope soon to be back with my team and runing like a maineact. let me know wha tyou think if that kisd should have got a red card and if you like soccer and if so how long you have been playing it.

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