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March 13, 2009
By Wesley Tran BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Wesley Tran BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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In the world of sports, nothing compares to the greatest sport of them all- football. Football is an amazing game that requires speed, strength, agility, and strategy thinking skills. The point of the game is to get the football into the “end zone.” But in order to do that you have to run plays. Plays are carefully thought out ideas of scoring a touchdown. Touchdowns can be scored by throwing the ball to another team member or handing the ball to another team member to run.

In order to run, the player has to have speed and agility. The speed is needed to outrun the defense and the agility is needed to get away from the defense. Unfortunately, the person who has the football can be hit more suddenly than an archer’s target by an opposing player. So that is when strength plays a part in the game. Because of all the offense that goes on, the defensive team tries to stop the other team from scoring. The defensive players can tackle the ball carrier or try and intercept the ball from the opposing team. But remember the players always have pads and helmets- safety first.

When the team is finally able to score a touchdown, the team can kick a field goal for an extra point. It is only one extra point and sometimes more depending on the situation; however, it can decide whether the team wins or loses. Those are the basic rules of how to play.

But there are also other rules for the player’s safety. For example, players are not allowed to tackle a certain way or block a certain way. Violating these rules can result in a penalty. Penalties can cost a team some yards. Another way to receive a penalty is showing unsportmanship. Players can do this by celebrating after scoring a touchdown in a certain way. Don’t be a sore winner.

In the game of football, each player has certain duties for defending or scoring. For example the quarterback is the one that throws or hands off the ball. The wide receiver is the one that catches the ball or blocks. The running back runs with the ball. Those are some of the offense. The defense has linebackers- they rush the quarterback or cover potential receivers. The defensive backs are the ones that cover the receivers. Every position is important in the game whether they are defending or scoring.
I hope to play football next year for the Columbine Rebels and I know that I will do really well. My most favorite position is the wide receiver. I really love football and you can see why! The thrill, the fun, and the skills that it takes make football the best sport in the entire world.

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