The play

March 12, 2009
This picture is from the Cardinals vs. Eagles N.F.C. championship game. In this picture Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals holds his arms in the air after scoring a touchdown. Larry Fitzgerald also had two touchdowns in the game.

It was the 2nd quarter and only two minutes in the second quarter went by. The Cardinals had the ball on there own 37-yard line. The score was 3 to 7, and the Cardinals took an early lead. They needed a quick score. Like always the Cardinals were going to go in their bag of tricks and pull a trick out. The Cardinals huddled up and Kurt Warner was covering his ear to block out all of the noise. The Arizona crowd yelled at the top of their lungs, “LETS GO CARDINALS.” The stadium rumbled like a small earthquake. Kurt got the play called into his helmet. Once he heard the play a smile came to his face. Kurt jogged into the tightly packed huddle and called the play.

The cardinals came out with a running back, a fullback, two tight ends and one receiver. That receiver was Larry Fitzgerald who could not be guarded by any cornerback the eagles threw at him that day. No one could guard him that day actually. Kurt Warner yelled out the cadence. The crowd calmed down so the players could hear. Kurt Warner motioned one of his tight ends to the right. “Set Hut, hut, hut,” Kurt yelled. Kurt twisted open and swept the ball to the running back. The running back caught the ball and pretended to run downfield with the ball. Before he reached the line of scrimmage he tossed the ball back to Kurt who waited on the Cardinals thirty. Kurt caught the ball without anyone around him. He saw an open receiver, Larry Fitzgerald had lost his cornerback and sprinted at full speed. He had done everything to get open. Kurt fired the ball as far as he could. When he released the ball everyone stood up and saw that Larry Fitzgerald was wide open. With everyone in the crowd standing up getting ready to yell and all of the other distractions Larry caught the ball on the twelve-yard line. The corner almost tripped him up but he remained his balance and sprinted into the end zone, never looking back.

When he reached the end zone he dropped the ball behind him and pointed to the fans. His arms remind stretched in the air for about five seconds until he was bombarded by all us his teammates. He then jogged to the sidelines and was bombarded by even more teammates. Larry was getting high fives and chest bumps for what it seemed like an eternity. Then he finally got the chance to sit down and rest.

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