The Winning Kick

March 13, 2009
By AJ Porreca BRONZE, Devon, Pennsylvania
AJ Porreca BRONZE, Devon, Pennsylvania
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I could not believe I was here.
In this super sized stadium ready to make the play of a lifetime,
I could see the fans roaring for me as the game is on the line,
And the smell of the green grass as I walk out onto the fifty yard line.

The score was twenty one to twenty with all of the pressure on me to win the game.
I could not help but think if I had well enough aim.
As we are called to a huddle the other team had just been mocking us,
Their laughter was like a hit by a bus.

I let them know it was not over as I acted confident on the field.
I knew they had something up their sleeves so I told my teammates to keep their eyes peeled.
I would not give in to their cries of laughter as my team set up for the final play.
I knew we would need a miracle; all we could do was pray.

I knew it was all up to me,
As I strolled nervously to the tee.

The ball was hiked to the QB
As I counted one……two……three
Then went to kick the ball,
But what had happened just ended in a big fall.
It turns out is was a fake,
I guess I should have paid attention that I was only used as bate.

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