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First Time Hunt

May 11, 2018
By jb19991 BRONZE, Wenzvillle, Missouri
jb19991 BRONZE, Wenzvillle, Missouri
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I was only 8 years old, I had been hunting since I was 6. I had no luck up till youth season when I was 8 at our old farm in Kirksville, Missouri. I was always excited to go deer hunting, I would have goosebumps. The farm was an 4 and a half hours so most of the time I would fall asleep; but since my mom and sister was coming down I had a reason to stay up and talk. 4 hours whet by so slow and I was aching to get up to the farm. When we finally got up to the farm I sprung out of the truck to get set up in the cabin and start watching hunting movies like we do every year to get ready for the next morning of hunting. That night I could not sleep it was like christmas morning for me. I walked outside to hear the crickets and coyotes and to smell the fresh country air. I knew I needed some sleep so I went to bed. I woke up the next morning at 4 am to the smell of bacon and hashbrown with eggs. I ate so much my stomach was gonna explode. So we got on the 4 wheeler and drove to a blind at the bottom of the field. We sat there all morning to see nothing but squirrels and rabbits.So around 11, we left to go get lunch and shoot some guns like we do every year.Stomachs full we leave for our evening hunt around 2 we went to our big food plot we call the bull doze and we sat and waited for a deer. All of a sudden a nice 8 point comes out in the far field. So I pulled up my gun and took aim. I slowly pulled the trigger and BOOM the gun fires landing a shot below the deer just shaving hair off him stomach. I was upset but I waited and then another 8 point comes within 5 yards and I shoot and he takes off and we find one speck of blood. Sad and getting impatient we head back to the cabin. I went to bed early that night frustrated and needing sleep. I woke up the next morning to donuts and coffee so we headed out to our stand called turkey woods. We sat there and hear leaves cracking and looked up to a doe and a little 6 point so I took aim and dropped theĀ  deer in his tracks and the doe just stood there so I took aim and dropped her. I shot 2 deer my first time and I was so excited. But the fun had just started me and my dad had to carry 2 deer uphill to the truck and then we had to bring it back to the cabin and clean them. It was a very memorable moment for me and my dad and he taught me stuff I still do and use today.

The author's comments:

Hunting is my passion and writing about is a great escape.

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