Nine Dirty Gloves

May 9, 2018
By Veagle1 PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
Veagle1 PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
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They are the ones that are dirty. I am the only one who is clean. Nine dirty gloves with brown leather and white laces.  Nine of the best gloves on the team. Nine excuses to get out and play. From the dugout, we can see them, but fans just cheer when the play is made.

Their play is unknown. They keep the ball from hitting the hidden rocks. They field and catch and get full of dirt and grass and thrown to the ground when something goes wrong.  This is how they stay dirty.

If one misses the ball, the next is right behind to save the ball, from going to far on the diamond. Dirty, dirty, dirty they say when I field. They remind.

When the ball keeps going foul, when I keep dropping balls, then it is I remind myself of the gloves. When we can’t play because of Wisconsin weather. Nine who work hard to win. Nine who play without end. Nine whose only plan is to get an out.

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