Unlucky Year, Related to Sports

April 12, 2009
By David277 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
David277 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Most people think that the years in their life will usually be normal and boring. I thought this too, until one day, or year as you might say it, I had the worst year a kid who liked sports could have.

It began on Thursday, September 4th, 2008. I was at White Pine with my soccer team, getting ready to do a friendly scrimmage against the Knights. I had just finished practice for the school tennis team, so I felt all stretched and ready for the scrimmage. The scrimmage starts. After a while the score is now three to two; we lead. But then, Lander, my friend on the Knights, comes tearing up the field with the ball. “I have to stop him!” I thought. He manages to get by me, so I quickly turn and start sprinting after him. I manage to get next to him. But, then suddenly, I trip and fall. SNAP!!! I start feeling a numbing sensation on my right arm, the arm that I fell on. I turn my head to look at my arm and my heart nearly stops. “Where’s my arm!!” “Where’s my arm!!” “Why is my arm bent like that!?!” I thought. My arm was hooked like a fishing hook. Later I found out that it was broken in two places, the radius and the ulna. Of course since I broke my arm, I couldn’t play tennis any more, which sucked, because it was my favorite sport.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Oh, he broke his arm once, big deal; I know a lot of people who broke their bones twice.” Well before you think that, read the second part of this story.

It was Tuesday, January 13th, 2009. 124 days from when I got my last cast taken off from my arm for breaking it. I was at Hillcrest, the tennis clinic I went to, taking a public lesson. I had just finished practice for school basketball, so I felt all stretched and ready for the drills the coach was going to make us do (semi-de-ja-vu anyone?). During a drill where our opponents were suppose to hit the ball close to the net and we were suppose to run up to the net and try hitting it. When it was my turn, I ran forward as fast I could. But I must have been leaning forward too much, because I fell forward and landed on my right arm, again. It didn’t turn numb like the last time I broke it, so I thought it was ok and continued playing. The next time I tried to hit the tennis ball, my arm felt like the bone was shaking. I thought it was just from the shock of falling, so I tried again. The felling of my bone shaking came again when I tried hitting the ball. So I told the coach that my arm hurt and that I couldn’t play any more. He told me to get some ice and put it on my arm. When my mom came, I told her about falling, and she decided to go the hospital to get an x-ray to see if my bone broke again. After I got an x-ray taken, I found that I broke my radius, again. Of course since I broke my arm, I couldn’t play basketball any more, which sucked, because I wanted to play basketball since I missed the school tennis season.

Even though most people will forget their memories of the 2008-2009 school year, that year is a year that I will not forget, because that was the year when I broke my arm, twice in a row. But, it was rather boring not getting to play any school sports for basically the whole year.

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