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High School Baseball

February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

Baseball. The greatest sport ever. I’m proud when I play this sport. The season is about to start in Malakoff,Texas And I could not be any happier than what I am feeling now. I have played baseball since I was a little kid. I have always enjoyed playing this great sport. Now that I am in high school it is time that I start getting offers to play at the college level. That is very nervous to think about since I am only fifteen years old. The thing is I am not too nervous about it because I am more worried about how our season is going to go.

We have started practice and our first game is tomorrow, against the Eustace Bulldogs. They are really good and they have a lot of seniors on their team, but I know we can beat them. We are really young because we have a lot of freshmen on the team. We only have three seniors on the team. I still think we will do good this season and compete with anyone we face. We have to improve on the performance of last years team. They had an off year so their performance was not good.

Our first game went well. We won three to two in a close game with the Bulldogs. My friend Brandon hit a homerun that scored all three runs for us. Our pitcher Ethan pitched a very good game. He had eight strikeouts and only walked one time. Coach thought we played outstanding for being so young playing such a veteran team.

The next ten games went well, we won seven of the ten and two of them were on a walkoff home runs.We were in first place in the district. I was leading the county in home runs and in batting average. Brandon was leading the league in pitching strikeouts and in earned run average. Cully, are shortstop was leading the county in stolen bases and walks. Also our catcher who is also Ethan is leading with runners thrown out at second.

The season has gone better than anyone around here thought it would. We have played exceptionally well. Our town is a football town but now we have the whole community coming to watch. Our Coach told us how proud he was about us. He said to keep fighting and it will all pay out in the end.

At the end of the season we were tied for first place with The Elkhart Elks. They were a great veteran team. One of my best friends plays shortstop for the Elks and is a real good ballplayer. I told him before the game goodluck but to be ready because we are coming with all we had tonight to win the district. He said the same right back to me. When he said that I knew that it was going to be a great game.

The first play of the game was a screaming line drive from our lead off hitter, Cully. The next play was a strikeout from Ethan that had the fans get a little bit quieter. Then I got up to the plate and hit a double into the gap to score Cully all the way from first base. That was the only run that we scored for the next six innings. The score was two to one with Elkhart winning. We needed to get at least another run on the scoreboard. We had the top of our order coming up and we knew something big was about to happen. It was getting intense. These are the games you live for.

If we did not score, the game was over. That was a very nervous but confident time for the Tigers. Cully was up to bat. The first pitch was a ball. The next, ball. The third, ball. Cully had the pitcher right where he wanted him. The pitcher chunks the ball toward home for the fourth time and… ball. The pitcher walked our leadoff batter. The absolute worst thing to do to the leadoff hitter. Now there was was no nervousness, only confidents. Ethan steps up to the plate and first pitch was what looked like a laser to the left fielder for a single. That puts runners on first and second with no outs. Next up to the plate… Me. I was ready. The first pitch I saw was a fastball right down the middle of the strike zone. I swung as hard as I could. Ding! All you could see was the ball sailing into the center field gap and rolling to the wall. I ran as fast as I possibly could. When I got to second both runs had already scored and I was standing on second feeling really good about what just happened. That was the only thing we scored that inning. We were winning three to two and only had to get three outs to win the game to be district champions. Now, the nerves are back. The thought about winning district gave me chills. The first pitch to the first batter was a pitch he hit to Cully that he fielded and through over to me at first. Two outs to go. The crowd were going crazy at the thought of a championship. The next pitch was another strike that the batter hit straight up. The ball landed right into Brandons glove on the mound, out. One more out to go. We need to get this out. Brandon tosses the ball toward home plate. Strike! Great pitch to start the at bat. We were feeling confident. The next pitch he threw was a fastball right down the middle. Ding! The batter smashed the ball… foul! Everyone starts breathing again. I tell Brandon to breathe and just relax. One more strike and we are district champs. Brandon starts his wind up. He throws the ball as hard as he could. The ball looked like it was in slow motion. It crossed the plate and the umpire paused. Strike three! We jumped in joy! We were the district champions.

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