The Soccer Life of Jack

January 15, 2018
By jack.m14_ BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
jack.m14_ BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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When I was a toddler I used to not be Into sports (soccer Included) because I used to cry when I didn't get the ball and when I didn’t see my parents. Once when I was little and playing outdoor soccer I scored on the wrong goal because I thought It was the other teams. I was really happy until my coach told me It was our goal. I stopped playing soccer until I was in 3rd grade. I started playing again. It was a pretty easy league and wasn’t organized and I wasn’t too good at first. As I progressed into it, the Rec league was getting easier. I was scoring almost every game. When winter came I played Futsal which is basically indoor soccer except the balls a lot smaller, you play in a gym, the goals are smaller, there are kick ins instead of throw ins, and there is no offsides. I got really good at that and in about 5th grade I scored my career high 7 goals in a game. In 6th grade the Rec league was getting too easy so I moved to a travel club. When the first tryouts came I was underestimating a lot and thought I was gonna make the top team (the a team). When tryouts came to an end I made the b team. I wasn’t too upset because it was my first year of competitive soccer and I knew I was gonna make the a team next year. I practiced a lot and was completely ready for my first club soccer. I was starting at forward and the ref blew the whistle. I passed it back to a defender they sent me a through ball and I scored that quick. It was in the first minute and I was super hype. Eventually I scored another goal and that was the end of the game.I was really happy. I ended up having a decent season with about 6 goals and 3 assists out of like 15 games.


Throughout those 15 games I did end up volunteering for the a team a couple times. The next season came and I made the a team. It was way more fast paced and I was also helping out the b team because they didn’t have a lot of good players, so sometimes I had double headers. I had another decent season and when winter came I was playing indoor with the a team. The next season I was in 8th grade and was on the a team again. That was probably one of my worst soccer seasons I ever had. I was cramping a lot and wasn’t as fast as I used to be. I only scored one goal and got a couple of assists and needed to end up not playing the rest of the season due to my heel pain. I needed to have a walking boot on for 3 weeks and it sucked. In 9th grade it was my big year because I was trying out for the high school team. There was optional soccer conditionings in the summer and I went to a couple so I could introduce myself to all the coaches. The first conditioning I had was terrible. I was out of shape and almost threw up. When I went to the other practices I ended up getting used to it and was fine. Tryouts came and they weren’t the best.There were a lot of workout stations and the worst one was the core and fitness one. They assigned you different pennies for what grade you were in. All the freshman got green ones. If you forgot them you had to do a punishment which was having to do the core and fitness twice. I never had to do that thank god. The tryouts were done and they basically took the rest of my summer. I made the team and had a solid season ending up with a few assists and could’ve had a goal if my soccer coach didn’t pull me out and put me back in and tell me not to score because the team was bad. I was mad about that because I could have scored easily but didn't get a lot of posespeinarsesion that game. I liked most of the kids on the team and it was a fun experience. The season was over which was really quick because we only played a couple high schools. A lot of the games got rained out also. I started playing in an indoor league which was really easy.  I was playing with people on my team and we were playing people who barely had experience. I scored four goals as a season high for indoor. (it was the last game and the worst team I think) Now I’m going to  start working out to get in shape.  I’m trying out for the  jv soccer team next season.

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I was inspired to write this piece because it was a workshop assignment and I like sports 

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