January 11, 2018
By Anonymous

Baseball is a big part of my life. In my freetime I am always practicing and watching videos. I love to play the sport and watch the sport also.

I play baseball for the Cincinnati Patriots Blue. Last year I was on the Silver team and the team was really fun to play on. I tried out again for this season and made Blue which is a higher skilled team. When in a game I like to play catcher the most and when I am not catching I like to play outfield. The main reason I prefer to catch the most is because I can see the whole field and I am in control. I love the challenge of throwing people out and being involved in every play. One reason I like to play outfield is because I love tracking the balls and making big plays to help the team. Playing baseball is a big passion of mine.

When I am not playing baseball I am watching it. My favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds. My family buys season tickets and enjoys to watch them play. With the season tickets we get to go to 20 home games. Being the biggest fan I get to go to most of the games which I enjoy. When I go to the games our seats have a great view of the field and we are surrounded by civil people to talk to and get to know them. I have never caught a foul ball from where I sit but I look forward to having the opportunity. I love to watch baseball and can’t wait for this upcoming season to come.

With our season tickets we get passes to Reds Fest every winter as a thanks for buying the season package. At Reds Fest you can meet the players, get autographs, explore “Reds Country”, or get pictures. Reds Fest is a way to let the players meet their fans and interact with them or let the fans get souvenirs signed. Players from past, present, and future come and support the fan base.

I love baseball and love to play the sport. Baseball is a big part in my life and I can always find a way to enjoy it. I am looking forward to the upcoming season and seeing the Reds play. Baseball will always be a big part and me and no one can take that away.

The author's comments:

I love the sport of baseball and want others to see the good in it. 

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