December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a horrible experience all because of a dumb challenge me and my friends agreed on doing. The challenge was to do the longest, fastest, and the highest wheelie on a BMX.

We were in 9th grade at the time we started to ride our bikes to the high school. It was Me, Tim, and Enrique my best friends. Once school ended, we would go to this road where Ridgemoor and Idlewild would intersect, there would be this mini downhill road, that's where we would practice our wheelies every day. We would be there for about 5-10 minutes at most until cars would start to honk and telling us to go somewhere else.

The next two weeks or so we went to the spot we always go after school on a Wednesday near Tim's house, we were racing see who gets there first, and I was trying to act cool by drifting my bike on a big curve it was flat with some cars parked on the sides but there was no downhill, the downhill was up ahead that's where we were going. The way I drifted was by putting my left foot on the back tire putting pressure so it would stop moving and the back of the bike would go to the right and I learned to the left so I can turn left put I leaned too much to the left that my pedal touched the ground and scraped my pedal which causes me to lose control and I fell off my bike and started to slide across the road. The funny part was that I did not get hurt, I had no scrapes, nothing. I think my backpack saved me because I fell off my bike landing on my back. I felt embarrassed because there were some students walking home and they stared at me which made me feel embarrassed.  Anyways Tim was the winner to get there then it was Enrique then it was me. We started to practice for about 5 minutes and headed home. Enrique and I live a block away from each other so we ride together. We were on the street ridgemoor and Enrique started to wheelie and lost control by landing his front tire hard on the ground hard and made him turn his wheel to the left and boom he fell. and face planted on to the road. I turn around to go check on him and he was not moving at all. I move his bike out of the road so the cars can pass by. One of the cars stopped to help him, it was a teacher at Carl Sandburg Middle School. Enrique woke up and started to cry in pain. His head was bleeding, his hand was also bleeding, and his collarbone was broken. He could not talk because the pain was so bad that he just wanted to keep on crying. The teacher from Carl Sandburg Middle S called 911 and told them about what happened. The ambulance came in 5 minutes and started to ask me questions. They took him and his bike was left in the neighbor's garage. I went home and started to think about not riding bikes anymore.

The next day I had to ride my bike because my dad was not home that day he was at work. Enrique was not at school, Tim told me that he won't be in school for about a week because he is in the hospital getting checked up. When school ended me and Tim went to the corner and practiced for 5 min like we usually would, then we went home. On the way home I tried to do a wheelie on my street but there was a sewer door and made my bike jump up and made me lose control and I fell on my back but the back of my head landed first and I got a mini concussion. I thought to myself I fell right after my friend so does that mean Tim is going to have an accident? My vision started to go black, I was dizzy. I went home and slept pretended nothing happened I didn’t talk to my parents or else they would take me to the hospital right away so I kept it to myself.

The next day I told my dad to take me to school because I was afraid of falling off my bike again and since then I don’t ride my bike. From there, I learned from my mistakes.

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