Moon Shot

December 12, 2017
By ewaldo29 BRONZE, Malakoff, Tx 75148, Texas
ewaldo29 BRONZE, Malakoff, Tx 75148, Texas
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“Moon shot,” coach said, is the best view any kid would want to see. “All you see is the ball disappearing into the night sky, and, let me tell ya, it’s a great feeling you get when you see it!”


Family & Sports

I have never in my life hit a moon shot, but it sure is a dream. Since I Am starting my last youth baseball season mainly when i start getting stranger at the age of fifteen I think this is my year. I have been playing baseball for eight years now, and I would love to play baseball forever. It has been a life changing sport that brought me close friends and coaches whom I have played with over the years.

The main person that baseball brought me close to was my dad, who said that he played baseball since he was a little kid in Mexico just for fun and found out that he had a talent for hitting and fielding. My dad and I have gotten closer and closer over the years with baseball, because we love the game. Our whole family is a sport family, and all four of my brothers have played football in high school. They liked how it was a really competitive sport like baseball. My sister is all about volleyball, but I don’t know about my oldest sister who lives in mexico, likes sports, because I have only talked to her over the phone, and I miss her sometimes.

Game Day

After my Dad got off work, we had to speed to my baseball game one afternoon, just barely getting there before it started. My coach told me to warm up in the bullpen because I was the starting pitcher for the day.

I finished warming up then went and took a little batting practice before the game. As I was walking back to the dugout, I caught a glance of a person I thought I knew, because she looked familiar, but I could not recognize who she was. Suddenly, “suddenly,”my coach ran past me. “Hurry up,” The game is about to start!”

I hurried along with him. We got in the dugout and it had seemed that we were batting first, so I put on my helmet and started swinging, because I was third batter. 

“A good friend of mine,” Garrett Springer, was batting first, and got on base with an infield double. Brett Arden batting second struck out.”Wondering why Brett was striking out,” I was up to bat really confident, because their pitcher was throwing meat (really slow) at the most 65 mph.

I went up to the plate and got in my stance getting ready for the first pitch. I had played for the team that we are playing against that day before, so they knew some of my weak places up on the plate, low and inside. Since we had a guy on second base and one out, I decided to let the first pitch go by.


“Ball one,”the umpire said, because the ball was low, throwing some dust up. Most of the pitchers in my league know me as an elite batter, so they try to make me chase pitches and ground out. So before I went to the batter's box my coach had told me to be smart and to not chase the pitches. I took his advice, and on the second pitch I waited on the curve ball to break and I pulled the ball to deep left field too far for him to catch. I got a double and scored in Garrett from second base. The score was 1-0, Mudcats up by one and bombers trailing by one. We went all the way to the top of the sixth inning with neither team scoring any more run. We had our catcher Jake on first base and one out. I was up to bat feeling like a leader, like I  had everything I needed to win my. team this game. I went up to the plate and got in my stance looking at the moon as it shined brightly over the center field wall. My old teammate threw the first pitch and, I cracked it deep over the center field wall looking like it went through the moon itself. “ HOME RUN,” the home plate umpire yelled out, as I was jogging by my first base coach he whispered to me that's not a home run that's a moon shot. The next inning I came up to the pitching mound and struck all three batters out. When the game was over my dad came up to me and said,  “I am proud of you son.”

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A story of my baseball life.

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