Cleveland Indians History

November 30, 2017
By ONeillB BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
ONeillB BRONZE, Pepper Pike, Ohio
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It all started quite a while ago in 1894, when a team from Grand Rapids Michigan, called the Grand Rapids Rustlers, a minor league team, was originated. Then in 1900, the Cleveland Lakeshores were created. Then soon to come in 1901 were the Cleveland Bluebirds. The Cleveland Indians have had many season that were one year long, which came to an end right after the Cleveland Bluebirds. For a while the organization's name was known as the Cleveland Naps, this was from 1903-1914. Then, finally following the departure of Nap Lajoie, the name was then changed to what we all know today as the Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland Indians officially started in 1915.


The Indians have gone through some amazing times, and some  horrible times. Their first world series win was in 1920, and it wasn’t until 1948, quite a while later, they won again, to this date and further the Indians have never won a world series, they came close in 2016, but lost to the Chicago cubs, because of last years disappointment of only going to the first round of the playoffs after having a remarkable season, the Indians have the longest drought without a world series win. They also came very close in 1995, but like in 2016, couldn’t win important games.


The Indians have had many great names in their lineup through the years like Jim Thome the Best hitter, the Indians number one Center fielder, Larry Doby and Bob Lemon, an amazing shortstop. The greatest player has to be Bob feller though. Being acquired as an amature free agent, he was the best pichter the Indians had ever had.


An eight time all star winner, and winning the best pitcher of the year and numerous other awards, he was just amazing. There was no denying the red hot Bob feller and the Cleveland Indians, through his career from 1936 to 1956.

As we talk about the past, the future looks great for the Indians. There is Francisco Lindor and their Cy Young pitcher Corey Kluber, who finished the 2017 season with a 2.25 E.R.A. This will help them through their coming years.

Over the years the Cleveland Indians have gone up and down being good and also being horrendous. Although we think of the future of the Indians, we would never have the Cleveland Indians if it wasn’t for their amazing past.

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