December 8, 2017
By TatumPugh BRONZE, Athens, Texas
TatumPugh BRONZE, Athens, Texas
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The lights, the fans’ roar, the boys of fall running out onto the field: that’s usually what people think about when you say Friday Night Lights.  But, there is one piece of the puzzle that people forget about: the one thing that keeps the crowd hyped when their team isn’t doing so well. Or maybe the thing that keeps the players confident through the whole game. The ones that never boo the refs, and NEVER show that they are upset. The ones who are made fun of for being “too preppy,” but it’s their job to be that way.


The cheerleaders.

The girls on the track who never sit down. Who never give up on the boys playing their heart and soul out for the school they love. The high pony tails, stiff bows and pointed toes, and daring stunts that people like to watch just as much as the game itself. They’re the ones that LEAD the school. They set an example for the young girls in the stands wishing and waiting for their day when they can be just like them.  The girls that are automatically set to a higher standard the second they put that uniform on. They are instantly a family when they speak the words, “I made it.”

People think that  being a cheerleader is no more than wearing too much makeup, having a snobby attitude, and only caring about themselves and their looks. But when they put that uniform on, they are role models who are supposed to always be kind, have good grades, a positive attitude,  and always being there for their squad members and the student body.

They are the ones who go to a three day camp where they cheer, stunt, and move all day long. They don't give up if they don't get one out the 50 cheers and chants they learn, and they don't give up if they don't stick a new skill on the first try. They never stop yelling or untightening their motions for one second because their throat hurts and their muscles are sore.

To be a cheerleader, we learn to develop the qualities that will promote us for success for the rest of our lives. We learn to multitask, learn fast, and most importantly, we learn how to be a squad. We develop life-long friendships and a certain bond that can not be broken.

Being a cheerleader is Friday nights eating at the Whataburger after the game. It’s jumping with pointed toes all night. It’s the feeling of pride when your team is winning, and a sense of good sportsmanship when you lose. It’s the anxiousness and hyped vibe you get from the players. It’s the songs the band plays that get everybody riled up. It’s the the great feeling you get when the crowd roars. 

For some, It might be just about the leaders on the field. But, when I hear the words Friday Night Lights, I think about the leaders on the track.       

The author's comments:

This peice is all about my love for cheerleading and all the responsibilities and priveges of being a cheerleader.

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