The State Championship

November 25, 2017
By Anonymous

We’ve fought hard through the bracket to get where we are. We haven't lost a game all the way through the entire tournament. We are now sitting first seed. Now we're in the championship game ready for the long and hard fight to come.

Istart the first inning pitching with our best catcher behind the plate. He calls, “Balls in” then throws to second then everyone comes to the mound. We all fist bump then the umpire calls out, “Play ball.” I get the fastball sign three times in a row. Ithrow every pitch with all my might to get the first out. He calls another fastball, I throw on the inside the batter crushes it to deep center field, and our center fielder robs it from going over. I sigh in relief. The next batter is up to the plate. Ithrow a curveball that he barely touches, and it rolls slowly right back to me, Ifield it and throw him out. It’s time to bat. We score 2 in the first now we are 2-0.

I strike the first 2 out in the second inning. The third batter of the inning steps up and crushes it in the gap between left and center field. The left fielder grabs it and slings it to 2nd. He slaps the tag down and gets us off the field. We’re toward the bottom of our line up. Our 7th batter is up. He strikes out, but our team keeps his head up. Our 8th batter steps into the batter's box and slaps the ball smooth over the left fielder and ends up with a triple. Our 9th batter sacrifice bunts and gets thrown out at first, but scored a run. Our last batter strikes out. We now lead 3-0 heading into the third inning.

I start off good striking the first batter out. The two following him each hit a single. Then the biggest guy on their team stepped up. I serve him one down the middle. He takes it way out of here. I was so mad I couldnt stay calm I starting throwing as hard as I can and struck the last two guys out. We are now at the top of our line up, but our first three batters strike out because they were trying so hard to hit it over. Were tied going into the fourth but the game has taken so long time has expired but we get to finish the fourth. We are tied going into the 4th.

I’m still on the mound and strike out the first batter with three pitches, but my coach could tell my arm was hurting, so I got pulled out. The center fielder comes in to finish the game with two strikeouts. Its our bat we have to score one run to win. I get up to bat I hit the first pitch to get a double. The batter behind me strikes out. I still the next pitch almost getting thrown out. We have 1 out in the last inning. I tell my coach to call timeout. We all huddle up then my coach told me to steal home. I run back out there the umpire says play ball. I take off as soon as the pitcher goes into his windup I dive into home barely beating the tag to take the win.

Our coaches personally congratulated each one of us and told us to hit a knee. We all got down and lead the prayer to thank god for letting us have that amazing opportunity and we gave all the glory to him. We all lined up on third base line, our opponent lined up on first base lined. We each were giving our first place medals and as we got them we took pictures with our outstanding coaches. We all congratulated the other team and wish them the best of luck for next year and they did the same.

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