Micheal Jordan

October 27, 2017
By XanMoss BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
XanMoss BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Michael Jordan is a famous basketball player that played back in 1960 and retired sometime around 2001. He was the best player of all time back then and could dunk really well. He won many trophies because of his dunking. Here are some more interesting facts about Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Michael Jordan had many ups and downs in his life, but he pushed through. Did you know Michael Jordan got kicked of of his high school Basketball team? His high school coach did not think Michael Jordan would be good for basketball. This motivated Michael Jordan to be the best he could be. This lead him to be a NBA Allstar and earning a couple rings. Michael Jordan had many accomplishment along the way to be a NBA Allstar. These accomplishments motivated him to keep on going. Some of his accomplishments were in college, like in 1984 he was named college player of the year, then in 1987 he made the winning shot in the NCAA championship. Those are just some of the ones from college he earned. He had many  more throughout his currier. Many people say that Michael Jordan was the best player of all time back then. He had many accomplishments along the way to push him forward to keep on going and be who he was back then.

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This piece has an impact on me because I love basketball and micheal jordan was the G.O.A.T back then which now influenced me to become a basketball player.

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