Lonzo Ball

November 7, 2017
By Jacobsalazar BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
Jacobsalazar BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
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Lonzo Ball,young star basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, is a household name for a lot of sports fans across america, and that’s not just because he is really good at basketball.


Plenty of rookies have looked this good this early in their career, but why do so many people know who he is Why do so many people dislike him To me, and the rest of the world the answer in clear, it is because of his dad. Lavar Ball, multi-million dollar businessman and former college basketball player himself has started a revolution in the entire basketball system in the United States, high school, college, and now NBA level. He has made claims that have gotten him on national television, which is exactly what he wants to do when he makes certain claims such as saying he is better than Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player ever, now this dad of a then college level player, who never made it to the league himself is claiming to be able to beat him.


This was just the beginning of the media and Lavar Ball, which ultimately affects Lonzo and his brothers Liangelo and Lamelo. Lavar often makes comments saying that his rookie son in the NBA is better than 2x MVP and 2x NBA Champion, Stephen Curry. This makes players in the NBA target Lonzo, make sure that he doesn’t play good against them, to shut his dad up. So back to the question at hand, Why do people really hate Lonzo Ball He has never said anything even nearly as out-there as his father, but yet he is in a sense being punished for the comments that his father is making. 


There are two views on what Lavar is doing, there really is no in-between, you're either with or against the Ball family. Some people think what he is doing is pure genius,using the platform the media is giving him to promote his business, Big Baller Brand. This brand, or BBB for short is another controversial thing he has done, he made Lonzo his own signature shoe for a ridiculous price of $495. Yet, people buy these and hand him a lot of money to keep doing what he is doing. Lavar has also done what no one else has done before, created a signature shoe for his youngest son, Lamelo, who is a Junior in high school, who he has also turned into a social icon because of his father.

While there are many oppositions to what Lavar is doing, you can’t take away the fact that Lonzo is a great basketball player who has all the tools that are needed to succeed in the NBA. While we can’t predict the future, we can just wait and see if all of Lavar’s talking is backed up by his sons play.

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