Can I Be Like Him?

October 27, 2017
By Anonymous

The surface of the water broke like an egg on a hot skillet. Out of the splashing abyss of water emerged hands tight in streamline. Legs kicking so hard everyone's eyes turn to follow the thumping sound down the pool. I knew this race was going to be a good one as I felt my heart pounding. Eagerly grinning as I watch Phelps slam his hands on the touch pad. He had destroyed the compotition making it look effortless with easy relaxed strokes. Watching him put his hand up with a five signaling he had just qualified for his fifth Olympics was breath taking. All these things rush through my mind mere moments before my race starts. I hear the three short whistles and I know the referee is telling us to get ready. I fix my cap and goggles as the final long whistle reminds me to get up on the block. I stand up on the block looking at all of my oponents. It feels like im in the Hunger Games getting ready to rush for the cornacopia. I push those thoughts out of my head and slowly breathe in and out. I hear the crowd roaring for us.

"This is the final heat of the mens thirteen fourteen one hundred yard butterfly."

I hear this alot yet everytime it cathces me off gaurd with how similar it seems to that day watching Phelps swim. Can I really be like him? Is this all mixing In my head or one day can I be like him?

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