The Hero

October 26, 2017

Hero: a person who, in the opinion of others, has special achievements, abilities, or personal qualities and is regarded as a role model or ideal. That is the official definition stated in Webster’s Dictionary. A person who qualifies to be a hero by this definition would be Derek Jeter.

Although Derek is a superstar, it’s not just the fame that makes him a hero. It’s his character, work ethic, and unbelievable career.

Derek was inhuman on the field. He made the toughest plays look easy. Everything Derek did was done smoothly, from the routine grounders to the clutch hits. He had a swagger when he played that made you feel as if you had to watch him.Through observing Derek play, fans could learn about the game of baseball and how to play the game right, as well as simply enjoy the game.

Anyone who knows baseball knows Yankee fans are very passionate about their team. By the time 1996 came around, the Yanks were looking to go big, and they had just added a key piece to do that: Derek Jeter. Derek came in and eclipsed the League, taking Rookie of the Year and leading his team to a World Series Championship. A young hero began to emerge in the Bronx.

Throughout his 20 year career, Derek won 5 World Series; 5 Silver Sluggers, and Gold Gloves. He was the all-time leader in hits for the Yanks and was one of few to join the 3,000 Hit Club. Derek contributed to his team as well as his community, spending off time with the less fortunate and donating to charities.

“Captain” was the nickname given to Derek for his leadership and hero status among the Yankees. Everyone knows about the times he spent making the big plays and his unforgettable moments in the Big Leagues, but what got Derek to that point? His career was fueled by his unmatchable work ethic. His countless days and hours were spent working all for goal of being the best and winning. By doing extra drills after practice, taking more swings and ground balls than anyone Derek became great instead of just good. He did whatever he could to be the best and now looking back in minds of many Derek is the best.

“Hero” may be an understatement when speaking of Derek Jeter. Derek influenced the lives of many, such as the fans wearing that #2 jersey, or the young kids who want to be the next Jeter. Many dream to meet Derek and play like him, and when someone mentions Derek Jeter, a huge smile crosses any Yankee fan’s face. Jeter now sits among the best of best to ever play the game. His fame and heroic status is backed by his time he spent grinding to make it there.

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