Sprained Ankle

October 20, 2017
By Anonymous

March 17, 2016


It was a warm sunny-cloudy day, I was warming up for my track meet getting ready for the 100 I was so focus blocking everyone out waiting for the gunshot to go off after one minute go by he finally the gunshot goes off I left my head up and speed off putting my full effort into i’m one step from the line I put my head done and start slowing down as I was slowing down I turned around and my spike was stuck in ground and I didn’t know I Try walking while my ankle was turnt and I fall to the ground.

The first thing that came to my mind was the pain, the pain that I haven’t never felt before I try getting up and shaking it off but i fall right back to the ground the trainer ask if I was okay I told him that I was fine, I thought that I was okay after me realizing that I couldn’t move or get up the trainer come over to the track and pick me up and move me over to the grass had me stretch my leg out he had one of my coaches go get me some ice and the trainer he was moving my ankle around to the right and the left asking me if it hurt this way or the other way which it did it felt like he was making the pain worst a guy from a different school had to carry me up to the bleachers by my coaches so many emotions were going through my head I was angry, upset and depressed.

Once I set down I was feeling hot and just overwhelm after 3 minutes went down my mom came down and was very confused on to what happen because I was just running and doing fine and after 10 seconds go by now i’m hurt and can’t walk I was very piss and my mom and proud of me because I can in first but she was confused and angry because she was  wondering who was my coaches and why wasn’t they asking what happen or why didn’t anyone come get her when they found out i was hurt after once I told her who my coaches was she went and had a talk with then once of my coaches came back with a water and  a pill for me to take to help with the pain and my other coach put me on his back and took me over to my aunt I was very irritated that I couldn’t walk and had to be carry everywhere.

I was hopping around getting my stuff together it took me 10 minutes just to find my phone after all of that I went back and set down I had Nick go get me some pizza and something to drink I ate and had him rub my ankle after Nick went to do run his event I  told my aunt and mom I was ready to leave I had to have someone carry me to the car which was so difficult i try hopping but wouldn’t on one let me after 5 minutes that felt like 30 minutes went by I finally get to the car you would think once you get in the car it would be comfortable but it wasn't I was so uncomfortable I didn’t have the room that I needed so the whole car ride home was uncomfortable.

The best part about getting hurt I can say you get treated like a baby I got food everyday from wherever I wanted I had my brother carry me around everywhere I wanted having a sprained ankle didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted just because I couldn’t walk didn’t mean I had to stay in the house all laid up I got out every chance I had.

After a week or two go by I went to the hospital to get my ankle check I had to go get a x-ray which I did not like I was in so much pain I had to turn my ankle so many ways it was killing me the pain felt like someone was just stabbing me over and over again in the same place once she got done doing the x-ray I got in a wheelchair and she push me back to the room and gave me two ice packs the doctor came in and told me that I had a sprained ankle and to give it time and to keep it propup and to stay icing it after a couple months went by my ankle wasn’t really getting any better I went to the doctors and they had me set up an appointment for therapy I was going two days each week after a month or two went by there were some improvement and my ankle was getting better and better each day.

October 20, 2017

My ankle is much better it still need a little work but i’m still going to therapy and working really hard on my ankle hoping by track session my ankle should be stable and I should be ready to run again

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