My Motivation to Box

October 20, 2017
By ElLOBO BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
ElLOBO BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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It all started when I was 4… I went to school and  I noticed that everybody saw the world of colors and rainbows. Everything was a joke to them even me. I was tired that I didn't know how to defend myself I was tired of all the insults. I went home and talked with my uncle who was a boxing trainer he taught me everything I know now. At the age of 4, it was when I wanted to learn everything about boxing . My uncle took me to a boxing gym and that's where my adventure started.

When I first stepped my foot into that boxing gym, I looked around and saw all these awesome people working hard and giving it everything they had. The first thing that ran through my little mind was I wanna be like them, I wanna be strong and healthy and never give up. So I decide to do that I didn't know how to fight but I was learning fast . I put everything into that sport I put my tears, dedication, my blood into it. I started to learn a lot and used it and put it together.

But not only did they motivate me to work hard and give it everything I got. But my parents are also a big part of motivating me to keep going and so as the little lessons they gave me when I was a kid. They always told me to never listen to what other people gotta say about me. All I gotta do is focus on myself and nobody else. I can achieve everything I want as long as I work hard for it. I been through alot in my life but won't say it here.

But now i'm 17 and i'm still boxing. I have been doing this for a long time now and I might be joining a tournament soon. Hopefully everything goes well and I become a state champion/ golden gloves. I been putting everything into training every single day. I wanna become one of the best fighters in the world .

Hopefully I make it where I wanna be becomes nothing comes to you easy. You need to work hard for it and never give up. I want my name to be know I wanna become a world champion. And motivate other to not care what other say to them. They need to comprehend and just leave and do what they gotta do. And if they have a dream and someone tells them not do to it. Don't listen to them and you keep doing what you like to do. You decide your future not them.

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