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October 20, 2017
By TheHandSlingingSlasher SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
TheHandSlingingSlasher SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Throughout my middle school years, I always wanted to play the sport I loved for my school. I was too scared to even go to soccer tryouts, I always second guessed myself about everything. I told myself I wasn’t going to make the team or i’m not good enough since everyone else who tried out were on official soccer clubs. I only played for the passion of playing soccer, I never took anything serious. With all these thoughts going through my head, my mind convinced me that i wasn’t good enough.


I went two years without giving effort to tryout. Not knowing that something like this would ever happen to me. Eighth grade rolled around, and it was another year I would think to myself about what it would be like to tryout again. Little did i know my bestfriend at the time was also going through the same thoughts the last two years like I was. We both decided to finally stop worrying about what would happen, and just try since we both wanted to play a sport we loved. I was always the first one out in the field, ready to start tryouts. I didn’t care if I make the team or not, i'm doing this because this is my life.

My best friend and I were surprised when coach called us over and asked for our names, he said he liked what he saw and asked to come the next day. Before I knew it, I was on the team. Hard work pays off when you’re in love with the game. I loved bonding with my teammates, they were always there for me no matter what.

I would always play in the starting eleven, left back, which was my position. I will never forget my fifth game in the season, it was against our rival school and a home game, I believe I was intentionally injured. I have already cleared the ball and I still got kicked in the ankle and that made me step wrong, and that's when I could not feel my foot afterwards. I went two more minutes playing, thinking I could walk it off, until one teammate told me to get off the pitch because it didn’t look good. It turned out I almost broke my foot, one slight more shift and it would’ve been done. The next day I was so upset I wasn’t able to play anymore for the rest of the season.

Although that happened, I would always go to practices and games. I would be out in the field supporting my team as they supported me. They were like my second family, I never missed a practice or game, and I was also there when we made it to the finals. My team was so excited but, unfortunately we got scored on the last minute. Through all the tears and deep emotions, we promised each other that we would never forget the times we all had. I will never forget this experience. Soccer isn’t just a sport, It’s a passion.

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