October 18, 2017
By Anonymous

It’s 2:30, the bell just rang, all the football players file into the locker room and get dressed for the first practice of the week. All the players are going over the gameplan this week on what should be an easy win and how all the coaches and players need to have a good week of practice. We started with offense, ended with defense. The coaches added new plays for the week and everybody’s feeling confident, we feel as though we have a chance now. Everyone leaves practice and goes home thinking about one thing, beating Ferris.


Tuesday during the first half of practice, we ran brand new run plays, pass plays, and a new special team squad. All offensive players got white wristbands that have the new play numbers. Next to the numbers are the routes for the receivers to know, and so the qb can know what their doing. Also on the wristbands have run plays so everyone knows exactly what their assignment is.


Fast forward a little to friday morning… Everyone's up early and going over the gameplan through our group chat. We all get to school game ready, focused and very anxious. It’s 4 now, games in 3 hours, we’re all sitting on the ground in the locker room listening to music and resting up. Coaches come over to draw on their whiteboard to go over everyone’s responsibility one more time.


It’s 6:45 now and we’re all on the game field stretching. We’re ready for this game. Opening kickoff we return it to the 35 yard line, our confidence is high. Their first play is a deep pass, which of course, goes all the way for the touchdown. Four plays later, they have another touchdown off of a interception which they ran all the way back to their endzone. Our sideline consist of heads down and sad faces.


We, the Rams, are being blown out 46 to zero. This score isn’t anything that we aren’t used to. We’re a broken team at this point, can’t wait for the game to be over with. We all shake hands and quietly exit the field to our locker room. Not one person wants to talk, it’s all mad faces and cursing. We lost again. To a bad team, but we can’t talk, we are the worst team in our division every single year. Even though we believed in our gameplan, we fell apart very quickly. We, the Rams, lose once again, like we do every game.

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