Should College Athletes Be Paid?

October 17, 2017
By yahirpineda BRONZE, Houston, Texas
yahirpineda BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Have you ever worked hard on something but still get no reward? College athletes have to deal with that everyday. I believe that college athletes should get paid because they spend a lot of time time working on their sport, they bring in extra attention for the college that they attend and if the colleges decide to pay the athletes they can learn to manage their money better.


In particular some studies show that college athletes can spend up to 50 hours working on their sport in one week.Apart from going to their classes and doing good on their academics they also have to deal with practicing their sport. Even though athletes practice every day they still receive no reward.

Furthermore another reason for why college athletes should be paid is because the athletes bring some extra attention towards the college.If a player on the team is doing good people will watch them and give the college attention.High school student can get motivated to go to a certain college if they realize that the college has a good sports program.Because all of the people only wanting to watch one or two players the college makes money but yet still refuse to pay students.

In addition another good reason to pay college athletes is so that they can learn to manage their money better.If they pay athletes they can have their own money instead of having to ask their parents for money.According to Shabazz Napier ‘There are nights where we are not able to eat but we are still expected to play up to our capacities.

I understand that some people might disagree with me because they might say  that not all college athletes are good enough to be paid but i feel like if colleges pay athletes they will be giving back to the people that make money for them,bring extra attention for them and they will help the students learn how to manage their money better.

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I hope that people agree with me

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