Crappie Fishing: How To

October 10, 2017
By J_Dub_25 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
J_Dub_25 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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Fishing is one of the world's biggest industries. It has provided almost 200 million jobs, generating $80 Billion worldwide. It is a relaxing time that can let you get away from work and stress for a day. It allows you to spend time with family that can form a closer bond with them. So that brings us to crappie fishing. Crappie fishing can be challenging, but a lot of fun if you can get into a “mess of them” when they are biting! To be successful, there are a few things you need to know. Applying these step-by-step guidelines on how to do may help you find a new favorite hobby.


Find A Body Of Water That Holds Fish

The first step is to find a lake, stream, river, etc. that holds the fish. It is as easy as looking on Google, and find a body of water that will hold crappie. They live in freshwater, areas with little or no current, clear water, and abundant cover such as trees, logs, or aquatic vegetation. There is a saying that definitely applies to crappie fishing, “If you aren’t getting hung up, then you aren’t seriously crappie fishing.” This saying refers to the primary habitat to find crappie. When fishing in areas with trees, logs, and other cover you may find you fishing line hung-up and caught on vegetation. Be patient and willing to work your way out of any snags. Keep at it.

Know What Time Of Year It Is

The time of year is very important to where the fish will be and what strategy to use. Is it winter time? Then they will usually be around creek channels, and follow the baitfish. Crappie do not hibernate, so they are great ice-fishing target fish. Is it warm? During the height of summer, they will go to deeper water during the day and move closer to the surface at dawn and dusk to feed. The behavior changes based on the time of year is one of the most important things you need to know in order to catch fish.

Bait To Use

The bait is what can either make you or break you. The typical baits are live bait and jigs. Jigs come an array of shapes and sizes and can be fished with any size of jig head or weightless. With all the options available, you need to narrow it down based on these rules.
What size bait/lures/jigs should I use?
Crappie are smaller fish, so use smaller lures. Look for items that would like like food to crappie such as: small jigs (curly tail and rooster tail jigs work great), minnow or shad lures, and tubes or crayfish lures.
What's the color of the water?
Crappie actually have good eyesight, so color is also important. In clear water, fish with natural bait colors such as silver or gray so that the lure looks real. At night, darker colors will create contrast with the water. Use black or dark blue lures or jigs. Fishing when it is sunny or in murky water? Use brightly colored lures and jigs.
Live or artificial bait?
You can have equal luck with either artificial or live bait/lures. Fishing with live lures  additional planning and usually a stop ahead of the fishing to purchase live bait. Crappie
will eat minnows, worms, or any insect it can get its mouth around. When using minnows, place the hook through the minnow body right behind the dorsal fin.

Equipment Needed

Fishing for crappie does not require a lot of fancy tackle and equipment. You will need a decent fishing pole with a reel you are comfortable using to cast and reel. Light weight fishing line, the average crappie weighs around 1 pound. When reeling in a crappie maintain steady tight line pressure so the fish doesn’t throw the hook and get away. A bobber if you like to use to see when your line has a bite. It is also useful to have a pair of plyers to help unhook the fish. A pocket knife to cut your line if you do get snagged and can’t rescue your lure. And a filet knife you plan to keep and clean the fish you catch to enjoy later. Crappie are some of the best tasting fish!

The author's comments:

This piece was written because I enjoy the hobby of fishing and wanted to share it with others

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