October 3, 2017
By Anonymous

Doug Baldwin is one of the NFL’s best receivers. He went from being undrafted to getting a 46 million dollar contract extension this year.

Doug went to Stanford as an undersized, slower receiver compared to the other elite receivers. He worked day in and dayout to be better than the rest, and improve his skill.

Doug’s freshman year of college, he averaged 8.5 receiving yards, with 99 yards for the season. His sophomore year, he averaged 14.4 receiving yards , with 413 yards for the season.

Dougs junior year he only had 4 receptions with an average of 19.5 yards and 78 yards total.

His senior year he had an outstanding year with 58 receptions he averaged 14.8 yards with a total of 857 yards. During the 2011 NFL draft Doug Baldwin's name was not called. He joined the other undrafted and underappreciated athletes hoping to get signed as a free agent. The seahawks signed him to a 3 year contract worth 1.4 million. In week 1 Baldwin caught his first touchdown for 55 yards. In the 2012 season baldwin changed his jersey number from 15 to 89.

In 2013 the seahawks and Baldwin made a super bowl run and they won against the Denver Broncos 43-8. In 2014 the Seahawks had another super bowl appearance against the New England Patriots; they lost 28-24. In his 2015 season he 78 receptions for 1069 yards. Baldwins 2016 season he had 94 receptions for 1128 yards. All those years making his career stats 368 receptions for 4954 yards, and 36 touchdowns. He is now one the best and highest paid receivers in the NFL. This 2017 season he signed a 4 year 46,000,000 contract extension with a 7,000,000 contract signing bonus. Doug Baldwin has had many outstanding seasons in the NFL and many more to come.

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