Double Champion

September 28, 2017
By GucciGang BRONZE, Hemet, California
GucciGang BRONZE, Hemet, California
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The year of 2014 I was playing winter basketball for the championship. The year stands out in my mind because I played on two team divisions. The Lakers was two years above my division and the other team was the Thunder, being my age division. Both teams made it into the championship games, as well as the same night in December 2014. My position on the Thunder was center,for my league division. It took many games to get to the championship, but we had a strong team. The opposing team, had some tall players, it came down to the best two teams. I played all 4 quarters due to the other center on our team was sick that night. The game was a hard game, but I ran and jumped and played my best. Passing to our shooting guard, he hit some three pointers,  that kept us well ahead, or in other quarters to catch us up again. Since I could jump high I would block most shots that came towards the basket from keeping the opposite from scoring. It became a tiring hard game, some bad calls, uncounted time running against our shot clock but we just had to keep playing to win. The gym was packed to watch the final game and the people started yelling as the last quarter had begun. The score was on the wall, it was always hard not to watch the time clock as it was going, we had four minutes to win. The players were tired, but both teams knew that was the last quarter to win the championship.  Both teams scored, and I blocked, I helped score, pass, and assist. It became a close game, but jumping was my strong point. The shots came at me and I jumped high and packed some players, blocked, fouled a couple to stall the clock. They took their free throws and missed. That decision was well thought out giving our team back the ball. Thunder had taken their shot and made it, stole the ball and made it again. The opposing team was running out of time, they charged fast down the court, we both went up, I blocked and fouled him. He took his free throw, he missed he took another, he made one shot. I jumped and got the rebound, threw a hard pass to our shooting guard, he shot and made it and time was up, Thunder won the championship!

We sat down as the crowd slowed down their yelling and cheering to pass out the championship trophies. My name was called. I went up to receive my trophy, instead of sitting back down I had to run home and go change because the next division's championship was going to start. The team was the Lakers, I was on that team as well.

My position was shooting guard. I was comfortable playing with the older division since my brother Tyler was on the team and other close friends as well. I was tired from my first game, but was looking forward to playing the championship with my brother. The four quarters went fast, that night I scored and shot three pointers, assisted well, passed and stole from the opposite team. Our team played well together since most of us were use to each other's talents and knew who to pass to quickly, and who could score a three and how to set it up within seconds on court to one another. Our team won easily. We swept the championship! I sat again for my name to be called to receive my trophy. Although when they took my picture I got to hold up TWO championship trophy that I won back to back all in one winter's night. That was a great experience I'll always remember!

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