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Kids Shouldn't Be Scouted at Young Ages

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CLAIM : Kids shouldn’t be scouted at a young age


Do you really think that kids doing sports is good or either they being very good at that sport ? Think two times before know what is the problem of the kids be scouted at young ages , the things that they could be doing but are not because of the sports, what their parents do and what people are receiving for that.


Kids shouldn’t be scouted at young ages because some that come from poor backgrounds  are encouraged to lie about their ages. Some of children don’t see the late-night study sessions, the early morning workouts, and the endless calls and meetings with coaching staff.Getting recruited is a process that exhausts a lot of athletes and is one that needs to start as soon as they enter to school (not before).


Another reason about they shouldn’t be scouted at young ages is that for example in Netherlands were 21 new players all of them with ages between 7 and 8 years old who  were spotted by scouts and defined as future professionals  they were competing in a series of four-on-four games on a small, artificial-turf field with a wall around it. That’s not good because in that age they shouldn’t be training , playing in big series. They should be playing outside , studying and do things that normal kids at that age should be doing.


The last reason is that parents are benefiting overall from scouting.Cam Newton’s father was tainted by allegations of being requesting big amounts of money from college teams that want his son playing for them.


People might say that kids being scouted at young ages is good for them because  they probably will have more chances of being professionals at that sport, but that's not true. Do you really think that all those kids that are chosen by scouts will have a chance to do what they were supposed to do when they were found or what they thought that the kids would do? Are not hundreds of kids being scouted and are a lot of them can lose their childhood for do that sport and then after the kids get older and show that they are not doing what they were supposed to , they might get kicked out and then think. They lost their childhood training for a thing that everybody thought they were gonna be able to do and then they got kicked out because they didn’t make true the expectations, seriously the kids should only be scouted when they are in high school.


Okay , after all of this do you believe that kids shouldn’t be scouted at young ages , because they lost late-night study sessions.They almost never get nothing with that, the people that get something are the parents and the people in the process.They can have gaven  all their effort for do well in the trains and games and some of them get kicked out because the scouts might have better people for the “job”.So in other words I’m just trying to tell you that they are giving everything but they can also lose that everything.

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