This I Believe

May 26, 2017
By Anonymous

I believe in change. Change is a constant in our lives that can always be depended on. It exists within both the good and bad situations, whether or not we want it to. I believe that change can be the cause of our growth, or the lack of it. It can either stand in its way or reveal the pathway to it. As humans, we live for change. We live to grow up, we live to better ourselves, and we live to know the people around us. But the problem is that “people are always changing” and “the world is always changing,” so as people living in today’s society, we try to keep up and change with them.

When my stepmother came into my life, we both changed. My personality, my mindset, and my perspectives changed, as did hers. We changed each other, but that’s what people do. In life, I believe that every person you meet holds some kind of impact on you as a person. Everyone plays some role in your life, whether it be big or small, they all have some importance of being in your life. My stepmother is playing a very important role in my life today, being a mother figure for me, because before her I didn’t have one. She changed my perspective on life. She changed how I saw things, how I thought about things, and my appreciation of everything. And as much as she changed me, I changed her. Life was different for us, and our interactions together changed the both of us.

As much as people change each other, so do the situations that we are put in. People are put into situations that they are forced to adapt to, and adapting means changing. I remember trying to avoid my situation as much as possible, but the nature of change caught up to me. I couldn’t run from the change that was ultimately going to and needed to happen, whether or not I was ready. My relationship with my stepmother was at a point where it was unhealthy for both of us. None of us would’ve been able to continue on with our lives if nothing was about to change. And at this point in time, we had only changed for the worst, putting us in a toxic relationship. Every second we were together was a constant storm of tears and shouts, but we finally decided that it was time for a good change.

Our efforts changed from constantly fighting to talking things out. Talking helped us to better understand each other, and as time passed, our relationship improved greatly. We grew a trust between each other, which I believe is the most important thing between a relationship. I was never able to trust her, but now I do. I had always believed that our relationship would broken and that there was absolutely no hope in fixing it, but things had now changed for the better. Change is what brought us closer and fixed our relationship.
From my experiences, I learned a lot about people and what it takes to keep relationships with them. I had changed my perspective on the nature of people and was able to understand them better, and a better understanding of them meant better relationships. My change is what opened me up to new abilities and opportunities, just like a butterfly.

A caterpillar grown into a butterfly is the same creature in its being, but change is what opens them up to new things. Change is the existence of a butterflies. Without change, there would only be caterpillars. Caterpillars that are unable to fly and explore the skies. But as with me, change catches up to those caterpillars and those caterpillars change into cocoons that eventually change into butterflies. People are the same, we change from babies, to children, to adults, never staying the same. We change not only physically and mentally, but our experiences change, our abilities change, and so do our opportunities.

But what if nothing changes? What if change isn’t possible? There are many people that doubt change, but they are only the ones that fear it. Change is always there, no matter what. We cannot run and hide from it, because at the end of the count it will always find you. I have learned this, having tried to run and hide, only to have change find me. Through every second of every minute of every hour of every day of our lives, there is always something changing. It can be a big or small change, even if sometimes we don’t realize the one’s most important to us.

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