May 19, 2017
By Anonymous

It was Summer and I was in North Carolina with my family. There was a blue sky and the water was still. I could not wait to go Wakeboarding, we went to a Lake with my family where there were no boats. When we got to the lake it was so beautiful you could see everything. There were so many islands and you could see all the people wakeboarding and tubing.


My family and I were going on our 2nd day in North Carolina. We could not figure out what to do. We all took a vote on what we should do for the day, and we decided we should go wakeboarding and tubing. So, we had breakfast and got ready to go to the lake. My brothers and I went upstairs to play pool while my family was getting ready.

“Boys come on we are ready to go,” my mom yelled from down stairs. So, we went downstairs and got in the car to go to the lake. It was a long drive because we had to go down a mountain very carefully, we finally arrived.
Once we got there, we got all the towels and the wakeboard from the car and carried it to the boat. We all got in, and my grandpa drove the boat where there were not so many boats. We found the perfect spot and we turned off the boat so we could get in the water.

“Who is going first?” my dad asked we all jumped up and wanted to go. But of course, my sister got to go first. My sister got in and got ready to go. It took her a couple tries to get up because she hadn’t done it in a while. But she finally got up and she did it. It was very boring watching her because she does not do any tricks. Then she fell and she did it a couple more times but finally it was one of ours turn.

So, my brother yelled out and he got to go next. He got ready and went out in the water and he got up his first try. My brother is good at wakeboarding so he can do a lot of cool tricks. So, when he went, he went out of the wake and he yelled at my grandpa to turn the boat so he could clear the wake and he landed the jump. He did it again and again but then when he did it this time, he went too fast. He tried to land the jump but he fell on his back. We turned the boat around so he could hang on to the rope and try again. He kept doing these tricks but eventually needed a break.
When he got back on the boat, I got ready to go, I jumped out of the boat and strapped the wake board on.
My grandpa turned the boat back on and looked back at me
“I’m ready,” I said, giving him thumbs up.

The engine revved as my Grandpa took off. I got up my first try, made some hard turns and I went in and out of the wake. I also did some small jumps across the wake. I kept trying high jumps and other tricks like my brother did and I landed some. So, my turn was done and we got back in the boat.

After my turn, we were trying to convince my brother to try wake boarding because he never wake boarded before. So, we got him to try for his first time. We finally pressured my younger brother to do it. My grandpa did the same thing they did for my brother, sister, and I. We let him out of the boat with the wakeboard he put it on and my grandpa turned the boat on. My grandpa went slow and easy for him because it was his first time. It took him many tries to get up but he finally got up, but he only stayed up for a couple seconds. We were proud of his effort because it was his first time.

After, we rode around in the boat and then we found a place on the lake to eat lunch and they had a dock to put the boat. After lunch, we went back on the boat and rode around. We just swam around the boat and thought of things to do. We were looking at a map of the lake to see where we could go. We finally decided on something to do.

We found a waterfall we could go and play at. We went to the waterfall and it was so beautiful. When we were there we fished and we swam around and took some pictures on some rocks that were around because my parents wanted them. After fishing and swimming, we thought about climbing the waterfall and sliding down it. My mom did not want up to but we did it anyways. So, we went by the waterfall and it was so cold. We were going to climb up it despite our parents not wanting us to we climbed it. On the way, up it got really slippery from all the moss. Still we kept climbing and soon got to the top of the waterfall. We were going to decide who will slide down first. Nobody wanted to go first because there were big rocks at the bottom of the waterfall.

I said, “Ok fine I’ll go”. So, I went to the edge of the waterfall and looked. It was a long way down. Then, finally I looked down and embraced myself I tried to get out of the way of the rocks and I did all I did was lean to the right where there were not so many rocks, so I landed nicely in the water. Then after that my brothers came down.

I yelled to them, “Go Right! Go Right! I said this so they did not hit the rocks. They moved out of the way of the rocks and they landed perfectly in the water. It was so fun we kept doing it a couple more times until we got tired of climbing.  We finally got tired and got back on the boat. We headed back to the dock and we were so tired of all those things we did. Once we got home we had an amazing dinner and we watched a movie and got ready for bed. That was the best trip that I have ever been on in my whole life.

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