The Grind

May 15, 2017

Sweat fell from my nose as I slammed down my 10th rep of my third set of power cleans to finish off a brutal leg day.  Covered in chalk I walked over to Andrew looking for advice. 

“Brett!  Keep your hips back then explode through!  Five more!”  he yelled.
“Come on man, I’m done.”  I replied
“If you don’t get five we’re wrestling after this.” He threatened

After mumbling a series of swear words under my breath I made my way back to the bar.  Although I have pinned him before, it was only out of fear of wrestling the muscle hamster that propelled that weight up.  I could feel the blood surging into my muscles as I walked away from the best part of my day.

It all started when I moved into The Hidden Shores neighborhood about two years ago.  I became friends with this weird kid named Mike who was obsessed with wrestling. 

We started hanging out; playing sports and watching 30 for 30’s (which are sports documentaries).  Then Mike’s older brother Andrew brought me lifting with them.  I loved it.  There was something about pushing myself past my limits that gave me the greatest satisfaction I could ever feel.  We started going more and more until eventually we were/are going every day.  It started out just as a hobby but it has developed into a full blown addiction.  I want to know everything there is to know about it.  Nutrition, supplements, different workouts, all of it.  YouTube videos are watched daily to expand my knowledge. Watching C.T. Fletcher videos always gets me going, but biggest motivation is other people.  I see people who are having a tough time or have family problems and it reminds me not to take anything for granted.  It would be a shame to waste my potential because I have had it easy.  I haven’t had to go through anything even close to hard compared to some other people.  God has blessed me with talent.  I believe he gave it to me because he knew I wouldn’t waste it.  That is what I am trying to do now.  To give my best for others who can’t or don’t have as many opportunities or blessings as I do. 

I am glad I moved into that neighborhood because it changed who I am today in the most positive way possible.

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