Never Give Up

May 11, 2017
By , middletown, OH

I couldn’t of been more scared. I never thought I’d be able to, but somehow I got the guts to. I just took a step and jumped.

Landing was the hardest thing to do. Getting around was never a problem for me. It only took me 3 years to finally land that standing tuck. Almost every day I was in the gym working. But, it was always the landing, and landing is always the hardest part of doing new things. I tried and made it around, but always ended on my head in the end.

One of the biggest things you need, is self-confidence. Confidence is one thing that I lacked the most. My coach would always tell me that I could do it, yet I never believed in myself. I would listen to my coach and try it , yet once I got around I never landed. I always thought to myself "why am I such a failure" when really I never believed I could do it so I never tried.

The more I tried over and over- and over and over and over- again, but no matter how many times I did it I landed on my face or stomach each time. I was at the cheer gym almost every day trying and trying pushing my body to its breaking point. Always leaving the gym with a headache, or I had a stomach ache.

Eventually, I gave up; I didn’t try again for 2 years.  I stopped doing cheer for about 2 years to focus more on my school work. I had a friend named Hand she was doing competitive cheer, and her coach had already showed interest in having me join her team. I went to one of her competitions, and they did terrible. She then reached out and asked me to join their team. Eventually, I joined the team; I felt so weak the first few practices. 
After about a month, they started to have me do tumbling classes. As we were practicing someone called out tuck check which is when you have to throw a tuck no matter what. I took a super deep breath, and I just jumped. All that went through my mind when in mid air was to believe I could do it. After I landed, I was incredibly excited my whole team all jumped with joy. For the next 3 weeks I worked and got it down solid. The next season I was on the competitive cheer team I was on a level 3 team instead of a level 2.

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