The Time I Started Playing Lacrosse

May 11, 2017
By cjplax320 BRONZE, HAMILTON, Ohio
cjplax320 BRONZE, HAMILTON, Ohio
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Lacrosse. It’s a game that the Indians used to play to substitute war. In the Native language lacrosse translates to little brother of war.


One day I was in my room doing homework and my parents called me downstairs and asked me if I wanted to play lacrosse. I didn’t even know what that was, they showed me a video of it and it seemed like it would be fun so I said sure. They first signed me up for a camp to make sure that I liked it. So I went to lacrosse camp. When I was at the camp they taught us the basics of lacrosse. Like how to play, what the positions are, and how to throw and catch the ball. After the camp I really liked it so my parents signed me up for the team.
It was time for the season to start and I was nervous to go to my first practice because I didn’t know how good everyone else on my team would be. We arrived at practice and everyone was just standing there and I didn’t understand why. Soon I figured it out, it was because no one else knew what to do either. Everyone on my team was brand new to the sport just like me. Even the coach didn’t know what to do. He just retired from coaching football for thirty-five years. So we ran around the track for about five minutes and passed. Then after that we introduced ourselves, I recognized everyone except for two people. That was because they were from different schools. One was named Troy; he was from Edgewood. The other one was named Adian; he was from some private school.

Our first game was just around the corner, we were scheduled to play Moeller. They were ranked second in the state, only behind St. Xavier- who has been number one for many years. We got there about ten minutes early, so we could practice. Moeller got there a few minutes after we got there. When they got off the bus we all stopped practicing, they were so tall, everyone on their team was taller than their coach. We were only in fifth grade. You can probably already guess the outcome of that game, twenty-six to one. The only reason we scored one was because the referee asked me if I had the ball and I told him no, then all of the sudden he told everyone I had the ball and blew the whistle. So as I was getting trucked by the entire team, Collin ran down the field and shot the ball and scored and of course the goalie wasn’t even paying attention to him because he thought I had the ball. We lost every single game that season.

The second season we played a lot better. That was because we started playing lacrosse year-round, and, went undefeated in indoor. In indoor we actually began to understand the rules and understand the positions. The second season we went six and eight. Which was a lot better than zero and fourteen. The third season, I was in seventh grade. We did about the same but won two more games. We went eight and six. The fourth season, I was in eighth grade, and, I was in eighth grade. This was probably the best season we had so far. We won almost all of our games. We went twelve and two. We qualified for state that year. We did terrible at state, we only won two games. Then we lost and got kicked out of the tournament. The next season I was in ninth grade; it was my first year on a varsity team. We did terrible that season we only won two games. So we went two and twelve. The reason we did so terrible was because our team was all basically ninth graders, and, we were playing teams of all seniors.

Over the summer of that year, I played for a select travel team. We were a very good team of teams all around Cincinnati, like Fairfield, St. Xavier, Wyoming, and La Salle.  We travelled to three tournaments. The first was in Louisville, we did pretty good, I scored the first goal. We won five games and got kicked out of the tournament.  The next tournament was in Chicago- which was the biggest lacrosse tournament in America. We did exceptionally well. We probably could have won the tournament. The first and second day we went undefeated. Then the third day we won two games and was in the semi-finals, it was a close game it was three to four at the end of the first half, at, the start of the second half we were in scoring position and Nick got slashed in the neck by some guy on the other team. He said he couldn’t even move. The ambulance had to come and take him to the hospital- he is fine now. By the time the ambulance got there the time for the game had ran out and they just called the game, and because they called the game the other team won. The third tournament was in Indianapolis, we did even better than in Chicago. We went all the way to the finals, and, had to face the team that was hosting the tournament. They we very good and we got crushed the score was twenty- three to fifteen. So we came in second for the last tournament. In conclusion, I think I have had a pretty good experience with lacrosse.

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