Let the Games Begin

April 30, 2017
By scoverdell BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
scoverdell BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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Have you ever wondered how many sports there are in the world? Well, there are over 400,000 sports total. For many people, these sports are a thrilling experience. In fact, quite a lot of people do them non-stop. Water sports, field sports, and track sports are only a fraction of many exhilarating sports in the world.

If you love water, make sure you join a water sport. Some examples of these sports are diving, swimming, and water polo. Water polo is like soccer, but in water. You have teams and you try to get a ball in the net. You also need a swimsuit and goggles. When in diving sports, you have to jump off a diving board or platform, but in swimming sports, you have to swim as fast as you can.

There are a great variety of field sports that you can try. In these sports, your endurance may be tested because of the aggression and competition.  Almost all of them include a lot of running. In some of these sports, such as soccer and football, you have to run almost the whole time. Also, in almost all of these sports, two teams are playing against each other. As a team plays, they learn how to work together. Shin guards, pads, and helmets protect players from getting injured. Other equipment, such as cleats and spikes help you get more speed and stability.

Just imagine how fast you can run when you are racing against other amazing athletes on the track. Track is mostly made up of running. There are sprints, such as the two hundred meter race, and there are long distance runs, such as the sixteen hundred meter. There are even races where you have to jump over hurdles while running. But track isn’t always about running. There are also jumps, such as the triple jump, and throwing, such as the discus. In the triple jump, you have to try to jump as far as you can in three jumps. And in the discus, you have to try to throw the disc as far as you can.

 Sports are some of the most exciting activities you can do! Isn’t it encouraging to see the skill that so many athletes have on the field? I hope you’ve learned more about water sports from this essay. Isn’t it fascinating that athletes have so much endurance on the track? It’s truly amazing to think about all the hard work, stamina, and training athletes have to go through to win a competition.

The author's comments:

I was inspired by one of my teachers to write this essay. I hope that this will help people to learn more about sports and how to play them.

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